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The Filled Prompts Post #3: Parts 37 and forward

Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 37 and forward.
If you filled a prompt on LJ from Parts 1-23, please use the FPP #1.
If you filled a prompt on LJ from Parts 24-36, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

As you can see, this post has a lot of  comments like this one.

Each one of these comments stands for a page in the meme. They each have a numbered list of hyperlinks on them. Each of these hyperlinks leads to a prompt from that page, obviously! It's actually a very simple system-- the prompts are in number order in the comment that corresponds with the page it is on.

Now, that is only an archive of prompts. So here's where you, fillers, come into play! Once you've filled something (this will be easier for you if you remember what page the prompt is on when you fill it, but otherwise you will just have to look through the comments) reply to the comment that corresponds with your prompt.

Let's say I filled prompt number 2 in the above comment. (I didn't, but let's just say I did.)
I would reply to that comment like so:

(I'm not linking to it because I didn't fill that prompt. But you get the idea, right?)

It's very important that you put a link to your  fill, and not to the prompt itself.


THE PURPOSE OF DOING THIS: It will make a clear, organized list that people can scroll through and a) immediately know whether a prompt is filled or not, b) get a link to it if it is filled and c) find the prompt if it hasn't been filled to go fill it! 

I know it might seem complicated, but I promise it is very simple.

It is AMAZINGLY, VITALLY IMPORTANT that you put the number of the prompt in the title of your comment! Please, do not forget to do that! Also remember to link to your fill, and not the prompt. This will make things a lot easier for archivists.

The way you can see what's been filled is by the numbers in the title of each reply. Using logic: If you don't see a number in a reply, then it hasn't been filled yet! (:

+ Regarding WiPs: You are free to post them here unfinished by your own discretion. Whether you decide to do that, or one of your WiPs is caught in an archiving sweep, please do not start a new comment for updates to your fill! Instead, reply to your original WiP comment with either an "Updated" or a "Finished" or what-have-you.

+ IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC... a good way to do this is to simply go to "Find" on your browser (Ctrl + F) and search for buzzwords. (i.e. "tentacles" or "wings" or "cat.") Generally our paraphrased prompts will include buzzwords from the original prompt. (:

If you have any questions regarding the Filled Prompts Post, please don't hesitate to ask on the Page-A-Mod post.

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Part 37 Page 1

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-06-24 06:19 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Prompting Part XXXVI Amnesty Thread for fills.
2. Prompting Part XXXVI Amnesty Thread for comments.
3. OmegaCat!Sherlock goes into heat, Vet!John knows what to do.
4. John/Sherlock. Medieval AU, A/B/O AU. King Mycroft announces a contest for Sherlock's hand in marriage.
5. Sherlock&John with implied Sherlock/Mary: John finds out that Sherlock is actually the father of his and Mary's baby.
6. SPN fusion: Mycroft knows Sherlock has always had the Mark of Cain, but Sherlock doesn't.
7. John has a kink for being drugged, Sherlock (and maybe Mary) utilise it.
8. Sherlock kills a man who poses a threat to John in cold blood, after asking an unsuspecting John to leave him alone to "interrogate" the witness.
9. Sherlock undercover at a gay pride march for a case.
10. John/Sherlock, Omegaverse. MPreg, Multiple Pregnancy.
11. John&Sherlock. "Jacob's Ladder"/"Silent Hill"-inspired AU. Dark. Possible Drug Abuse/Overdose.
12. AU Sherstrade: Sherlock is a professional home-wrecker.
13. Lestrade/Mary with background John/Sherlock.
14. Omega!Sherlock (or just MPreg). Billy is Sherlock's son as a result of past non-con. Angst.
15. Sherlock gets something stuck up his ass and has to go to the clinic where John works to have it taken out.
16. AU: Sherlock is a chemist who develops custom perfumes.
17. Clara/Harry, Clara/John. Sharing. Pre-Sherlock. Harry and John have no problem sharing Clara.
18. Sherlock becomes hot after a makeover AU. Sherlock stopped taking drugs, but never dropped his 'Shezza' look.
19. John feeding Sherlock fill continuation from Part XXXVI.
20. John/Lestrade. noncon & dubcon. Young!John is sold into the sex trade and rescued by Lestrade years before his canon meeting with Sherlock.
21. Sherlock and Sally are really old friends just like Sherlock said.
22. Star Trek AU. Sherlock as the science officer and John as the chief medical officer on the Enterprise.
23. Virgin!Sherlock. Sherlock and John's first time, and John being a patient and considerate partner.
24. John/Sherlock, rough sex. Sherlock asks John to be completely in charge and dominating during sex.
25. Sherlock suffers from Cotard Delusion. Also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome.


(Anonymous) 2015-06-24 06:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Full prompt:
Remember that time some guy got a vibrator stuck up his butt, had to go to the hospital and livetweeted the whole thing?

I'd like a fic in which the same happens to Sherlock (well, minus the livetweeting.) Like, Sherlock gets something stuck up his ass and has to go to the clinic where John works to have it taken out because he's too embarrassed to be visited by anyone else.

I'd rather they were already flatmates/friends rather than 'alternative meeting' fic. Slash or gen are both find.

Fill: The Other Delicate Condition

Filled #24

(Anonymous) 2015-07-25 06:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Full prompt:

Every now and then Sherlock asks John to be completely in charge and dominating during sex. It's not a regular occurrence, but sometimes Sheroick just wants to be taken hard and fast, have his hair pulled, his wrists pinned down as John fucks him into the mattress.

John is very gentle and affectionate afterwards.


"He hates this, really. But John’ll do anything for the man and Sherlock knows it. It’s John’s Achilles’ heel and he hates that Sherlock is well aware of how to exploit it. He asks and wheedles and begs until John gives in, but John hates it, so he closes his eyes and tries to pretend that he’s not pounding into Sherlock like a battering ram."


(Anonymous) 2016-02-22 03:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Original prompt:

Young John has an abusive father who when his gambling debts become dangerously high, sells John into the sex trade. A few years down the line, Lestrade has been roped into his first undercover op and is screwing it up because he looks suspicious because he won't sleep with any of the prostitutes. John tells Lestrade what's up and offers to help with his cover if Lestrade makes sure that John gets out of there once the op's over. They have angsty fucks because Lestrade feels guilty and like he's taking advantage of young John and John feels rejected that the one nice guy he's met and idolises a little as his savior is only fucking him to keep his cover. Once the op's over and John rescued (and of course he got injured while trying to keep Lestrade safe) they both sadly go their separate ways. But that means that later down the track when they meet again via Sherlock, they meet each other on more equal footing and have a healthy relationship with much fluff.
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Part 37 Page 2

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-07-04 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
1. John/Sherlock, Sherlock in a breeding stand.
2. Sherlock/Fargo (TV) crossover. Sherlock and John having to investigate a crime Malvo's committed or is involved in.
3. John/Sherlock (?) Mrs Hudson wants her own married ones.
4. Soulmate AU. John and Sherlock do not match.
5. John moves out and Sherlock panics.
6. Sherlock once lost himself in his mind palace and started to believe it was the real world. Mycroft managed to get him out somehow, but it wasn't easy.
7. Sherlock is a guest on Top Gear.
8. Sherlock used to be a dom, but is now in a vanilla relationship with John. Sherlock’s old sub Victor returns.
9. Sherlock has been rendered catatonic by something happening to him. John tries to help him through it.
10. Why doesn’t Sherlock want a lift in a police car? What happened in his past to make him so opposed to it?
11. Medical kink, with doctor!John who needs to examine naive/shy!Sherlock.
12. John/Sherlock. Intersex(hermaphrodite)!Sherlock. Body worship. Virgin!Sherlock.
13. John/Sherlock. Asexual!Sherlock has an unusual sexual response to his violin being touched by John.
14. Anthea/Harry. One day Harry meets Anthea and falls hard for her.
15. John saves the day (as well as Mycroft and Sherlock).
16. John/Sherlock. Mpreg, but no omegaverse. Pregnant!Sherlock.
17. John/Sherlock. Sherlock gives birth in Mycroft's posh car. A/B/O AU.
18. John taking care of a traumatized Sherlock.
19. AU: Sherlock is secretly a woman and perfectly comfortable with her gender, but living as a man.
20. Moriarty is trying to send threatening messages to various people but keeps getting the messages mixed up with his random google searches.
21. Omegaverse/Sentinel fusion with Alpha/Guide!John and Omega/Sentinel!Sherlock.
22. AU where Werewolves live among normal people and only a few, like Mycroft, know about their existence. John gets bitten.
23. John/Sherlock, minor John/Mary, Sherlock is self-destructing without John.
24. Sherlock/Moriarty, AU, King!Moriarty, Musician!Sherlock.
25. Nature-documentary-type observation of Sherlock trying to court John.
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Part 37 Page 3

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-08-04 08:44 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Sherrinford was the name of Mycroft's imaginary friend when he was little. Mycroft has kept up "Sherrinford"'s identity as a cover for his own activities and to give himself and Sherlock more freedom.
2. Sherlock/Orphan Black fusion. Sherlock finds out he's a clone and the subject of a secret experiment.
3. Sherlock&Mycroft. Catlock or Slavery AU. Abuse. Angst. Sherlock was Mycroft's pet.
4. Mummy and Sherlock. Sherlock is adopted. Child Abuse, Neglect. Trauma. Mental Breakdown.
5. John/Sherlock's twin brother. It's Sherlock's twin instead of Mary, Angst.
6. Sherlock/John. John misses out on the conversation where they become an item.
7. Sherlock didn't have a Daddy Kink until John grew a beard.
8. Jimcroft - omegaverse, forced pregnancy, non-con. Young!Mycroft doesn’t want children; Jim holds him captive for impregnation.
9. Mike Stamford is Cupid.
10. Moriarty didn't trick Molly - she knew exactly what was going on when she started dating "Jim from IT."
11. The times John has needed to bed, bargain or threaten for a case and one time he didn't.
12. Mycroft’s twin Merlin (Kingsman) is "The Other One."
13. Someone at the Yard (probably Anderson) draws a comic about Sherlock snd John called "The Adventures of Hat-Man and Robin" and leaves it pinned to the bulletin board in the break room.
14. To celebrate the teaser for the Victorian Special give to me all the victorian Johnlock kinky smut.
15. Sherlock is an unruly student, teacher/schoolmaster!John needs to give him a lesson in discipline in the classic victorian boarding school way: Spanking.
16. Noncon/Dubcon Omegaverse Schoolboy spanking kink. Schoolboy!Sherlock/Headmaster or Teacher!John.
17. Sherlock & Sense8 xover. Sherlock characters are connected as in Sense8.
18. John is The British Government.
19. Micropenis, humiliation kink. Sherlock has a micropenis.
20. Sherlock struggles with depression.
21. John and Sherlock are both cyclists in the Tour de France.
22. Molly is Jim's sister, but it's not a healthy relationship - abuse, possible underage, PTSD. John and Sherlock help her.
23. Sherlock becomes John's prison wife.
24. John/Sherlock. Omegaverse. Slavery. Omega!Sherlock/Alpha!John. Abuse, Past non-con. Sherlock is foisted off on John.
25. Mycroft shows up at his "official" office once a month to take care of his "official" paperwork and every time he does, one of the other employees disappears.


(Anonymous) 2015-09-14 12:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Full prompt: just saw this beautiful typo and now I need a fic about the times John has needed to bed, bargain or threaten for a case and one time he didn't. (And maybe one time he did all three?)

Fill: "Beds, Bargains, and Threats" -
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Part 37 Page 4

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-08-04 08:56 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Magnussen rapes and abuses in any way he finds interesting both Mycroft and Sherlock.
2. Sherlock AU in which everything is exactly the same, except that everyone talks as if they were in a Shakespeare play.
3. When Mycroft and Lestrade have sex, Mycroft likes to leave little extra clues on Lestrade to gross out his brother.
4. Vampire!Sherlock and Bodyguard!John.
5. Victorianlock Omegaverse Hysteria. Omega!Sherlock is sent to John for treatment.
6. John goes back to the army and is content. Angst from Sherlock (and possibly Mary).
7. Johnlock omegaverse. Surrogate!Sherlock or John. MPREG.
8. After the fall John is charged with assaulting a police officer and accessory to (whatever Sherlock's crimes are). This means his licence to practise medicine is revoked.
9. After baby Watson is born, Sherlock distances himself from John and Mary.
10. Pet play. There are special parties held at the Diogenes Club for the selected few.
11. Dom!Mycroft/Sub!Irene - dub-con, orgasm denial followed by forced orgasms.
12. Sherlock and John/Mary, possible Johnlockary. Instead of shooting Sherlock, Mary knocks him out and runs.
13. Moriarity/Molly - kidnapping, possible stockholm syndrome. Jim grew fond of Molly. When he returns from the dead, he kidnaps her.
14. Omegaverse. Alpha!Mary/Omega!Sherlock/Beta!John. John winds up watching in shock as his "omega" wife doms the hell out of his "alpha" best friend, and is weirdly turned on by this.
15. Molly/Toby - crack, cat curse, interspecies. Molly gets turned into a cat, and her pet feline Toby is VERY happy to see her.
16. Sherlock and Mary - friendship, comfort, no hard feelings, dialogue prompt.
17. Jim/Mary - old rivals, hate sex, Jim is a painslut.
18. John and Sherlock College roommates AU - John gets the harem.
19. John is not a traditional human, but a 14,000-year-old immortal, who has survived centuries of evolution from the Cro-Magnon era to the present.
20. Molly/Lestrade. Slave!AU. Molly is wrongly convicted of a crime, and Lestrade makes sure he out-bets everyone in the resulting slave auction so he can bring Molly home with him.
21. OUAT in Wonderland crossover with Molly as Alice, Sherlock as Cyrus, John as Will Scarlett, Mary as Anastasia, and Jim as Jafar.
22. Mary dealing with depression/suicidal thoughts and seeking professional help.
23. One-sided Molly/Sherlock - vaginal stretching experiment gone wrong, hurt/comfort.
24. Sherlock is adopted, his birth mother is Mrs. Hudson.
25. A little girl asks for Sherlock's help finding her missing teddy bear. John makes him take the case, and it ends up being surprisingly interesting.
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Filled # 10. The Dog One

[personal profile] tenderly_wicked 2016-01-11 09:26 am (UTC)(link)

There are special parties held at the Diogenes Club for the selected few. The guests, all formally dressed, attend them with their human "pets", or come to "buy" one. Sherlock arrives with John who crawls beside him on all fours, naked, collared, and on a leash. Mycroft brings Anthea. They "breed" they pets, to the amusement of all present, or train them to behave, which is equally entertaining. It's okay if everything they do is a bit dub-con-ish.


The Dod One (on AO3)
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Part 37 Page 5

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-09-28 04:49 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Write a gen mini-fill about your favorite friendship from the series!
2. Lestrade accidentally watches John fucking Sherlock. He later wanks unwillingly to the thought.
3. Sherlock picks someone up at a bar while he is away and says John's name during sex.
4. Skyfall crossover. Art with Jim and Q having sex in front of a mirror.
5. Sholto/John/Sherlock, military kink.
6. Omegaverse Au in which Alphas have two Omegas. The omegas fight a lot.
7. Omega!Mycroft’s scent has been getting stronger and more enticing to alphas which gets him into trouble often at work, he considers other options.
8. Sherlock and John get a pirate-related case and Sherlock totally fails to hide his childlike enthusiasm about all things pirate.
9. Molly/Lestrade - both stood up on their blind dates.
10. Mycroft as impromptu nurse dealing with Mary having a miscarriage.
11. Asexual Sherlock still gets morning wood and asks John to help him with it now they are sharing a bed.
12. John resorts to sex work after he doesn't get the job at the clinic; Sherlock runs into him while he's working.
13. John is sick of being lonely, so he hires a prostitute/escort sight unseen and receives Sherlock.
14. White Collar crossover. Neal needs John's help.
15. Jim and John used to be together, but Jim abandoned John after the war.
16. Harry Potter AU with John as the chosen one.
17. Harry Potter AU. John is a Slytherin.
18. John and Sherlock have sex at the Yard and leave Sherlock's panties behind. The panties are found and pinned to a board.
19. John is a virgin. When he and Sherlock get together, Sherlock doesn't know and isn't particularly gentle.
20. Moriarty finds out John is his half-brother. He kidnaps and brainwashes/drugs him so that John only knows Jim and wants to spoil him.
21. John and Lestrade have met before. John was the victim of the worst physical and sexual abuse cases the yard had ever seen.
22. Royalty!AU. 11 year-old homeless pickpocket Sherlock is the kidnapped prince.
23. Irene/Molly - Sherlock sells Molly out for information, dub con into willing.
24. Sherlock is responsible for the Watson pregnancy because he drugged them.
25. Jim becomes a VIP in hell.
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Part 37 Page 6

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-09-28 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)
1. MPreg. During her and John's wedding Mary realises that Sherlock is pregnant. She also realises that the baby is probably John's (which it is).
2. Hobbit crossover - Thorin vs Sherlock for John's affections.
3. Lestrade names his cat Sherlock.
4. Sherlock & Mary - abusive friendship prompt. Sherlock is fine with Mary doing anything to him as long as she doesn't hurt John or the baby.
5. Irene Adler - too kinky to torture.
6. Sherlock has to go undercover at a laundromat for a case - but he truly, honestly can't seem to figure out how a washer and dryer work.
7. Alternate meeting: One pretends to be the other's date.
8. Moran is a posh, rich, white boy.
9. Sherlock does require sleep... he just sleepwalks a lot. Mental Health Issues.
10. John learns that Greg and Mycroft used to be lovers many years ago, but it ended badly.
11. Young policeman Greg Lestrade arrests an underage teen Mycroft for prostitution.
12. Tired of being subjected to Sherlock's experiments without his own consent, John decides to teach Sherlock a good lesson he won't forget by spiking his drink with a strong diuretic and laxative.
13. Sherlock likes framing Anderson for unsolved murders.
14. John and Sherlock are getting married. Sherlock is very nervous and angsty and worked up.
15. John becomes a contestant on Project Runway and Sherlock is assigned to him as his model.
16. Sherlock bonds with an autistic child.
17. Sherlock gets hit on while crossdressing - by Harry.
18. Johniarty. The Holmes brothers kidnap young John. Jim gets him back.
19. Sherlock tries to take advantage of child!John. John's older brother Jim comes to the rescue and shows him he loves him.
20. Jim has to show his little brother John that he loves him and no others can touch him.
21. Little angel John, young and innocent, meeting the mysterious dark winged Jim.
22. Jim is furious when he discovers his father has been prostituting his little brother, John. John just wants Jim to love him.
23. Sherlock really wants to have sex with John, but it makes him panicky.
24. John/Sherlock, John/OMC. Omegaverse. Omega!Sherlock is terribly jealous of the omega male that alpha!John starts dating.
25. Sherlock plays the violin like David Garrett.
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Part 37 Page 7

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-12-15 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
1. John/Sherlock A/B/O (?), MPreg. Bring your baby to your work.
2. Mrs. Hudson hears things all of the time.
3. Sherlock has to go undercover as a nurse. In doing so he meets John, a doctor where he's investigating.
4. Dialogue Inspired: Crazy Stupid Love, Sherlock reminded Molly of her Dad from the start.
5. Non-con. Photographer Magnussen/Naive model Sherlock.
6. When soulmates meet, they see colour. John is blind, and someone is pretending to be his soulmate when he meets Sherlock or Moriarty, who is his true soulmate.
7. Molly is a professional Ballet Dancer.
8. Younger than his partner John.
9. Schoolboy John is bullied. Older Sherlock or Jim take advantage.
10. Greg/Mycroft. Mycroft has to put up with Greg's children.
11. Moriarty, for some odd reason, loves children.
12. For some supernatural reason, Mrs. Hudson HAS to stay at Baker Street. Without her, England falls.
13. Sherlock joins forces with Moriarty.
14. Vampire!Sherlock is hiding out, Mrs. Hudson is a (mostly-retired) vampire hunter. John finds out.
15. John/Sherlock, John/Mary, possible Johnlockary. John has to balance their needs carefully.
16. Molly has had noncon fantasies as long as she can remember.
17. 5 times Molly almost phoned Irene and one time she did.
18. Dark!Molly and Jim in a dub- or non-con scenario with Molly having the upper hand.
19. Sherlock and Moriarty are in an arranged marriage, but Sherlock loves John.
20. Premature Ejaculation/Coming in pants/Sensitive Sherlock.
21. Mycroft the Spy (RED fusion); Mycroft must be an unmitigated badass who OWNS everything and everyone.
22. Mycroft is gagged in public, Any/Mycroft, humiliation.
23. John learns that he's terminally ill and is going to die so he starts taking care of everything and everyone he's going to leave behind, especially Sherlock.
24. John is mute.
25. Alpha!Greg/Omega!Mycroft. A/B/O. Possible MPreg. Greg loves children.
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Part 37 Page 8

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-12-15 12:10 am (UTC)(link)
1. A half-asleep Sherlock asks John whether he intends to rape him too.
2. The only way Sherlock can fake a "real" relationship with Janine is to pretend he's dating John.
3. Due to some traumatic event Sherlock becomes childlike.
4. After Reichenbach John suffered Broken Heart Syndrome. Sherlock finds out and loses his shit a tad.
5. Dubcon Holmescest. After rehab doesn't work, Mycroft kidnaps Sherlock and conditions him to associate drugs with having sex with him.
6. Harry Potter crossover. Sherlock raises Harry.
7. Sherlock can only solve crimes when he's high, so Scotland Yard keeps getting him to take drugs.
8. Character death. Sherlock and Mary don't rescue John from the bonfire.
9. Sherlock/Bill Wiggins (+ background one-sided Johnlock).
10. Sherlock is sexually attracted to John and Mary's daughter.
11. Mycroft has a history of bulimia and Sherlock is a dick about it.
12. John's huge cock is the elephant in the room. Sherlock meets it.
13. Mary gets de-aged. Sherlock and John have to look after her.
14. Molly bribed Jim to come out of hiding and save Sherlock at the end of season 3, and paid for it by giving her body over to Jim for whatever he wanted.
15. John unknowingly shoots Mary in HLV.
16. A drugged out Alpha!Sherlock raped and bonded Omega!John in university. Five years later, Mike introduces them again.
17. Moriarty chases down Harry Potter and Dr. Frankenstein.
18. Sherlock is moderately hypothermic for whatever reason you prefer, and John must snuggle half naked with him to try to give him a little of body heat.
19. John felching Sherlock.
20. Mycroft and Anthea are best friends.
21. Lestrade is a handsy drunk. He goes drinking with John.
22. Anthea gets her head shaved.
23. Any of the girls gets a forced masculinization.
24. Moriarty being in a band and gigging while running his evil empire.
25. Sally is to Sherlock what Anthea is to Mycroft.
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Filled # 3

[personal profile] tenderly_wicked 2015-12-16 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Due to some traumatic event Sherlock becomes childlike, imagines himself to be a 5-year-old or something. His family and friends fuss around him, but it’s not much they can do. Mycroft doesn’t want his brother to end up in a mental ward and asks John to be Sherlock’s “babysitter”. A childlike Sherlock is very much like his usual self: he enjoys playing with a microscope and setting experiments, he has no social skills whatsoever, and he wishes John would stay with him forever.

Little Liar.
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Part 37 Page 9

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-12-15 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
1. Doctor Who Crossover/Character Swap. Recreate An Unearthly Child set in the Sherlock 'Verse.
2. Corpse Bride AU- possible John/Sherlock/Mary.
3. John the Ripper.
4. Sherlock in Florida is totally out of his element.
5. John's reaction to seeing Sherlock's scars while he's incapacitated in hospital/resting at home.
6. Sherlock feels quite depressed after TEH, all through TSoT and specially HLV.
7. Angst. After Mary's gone, John and Sherlock enjoy a good romp. Sherlock thinks it's something serious, John sees it as a rebound shag.
8. Octo!John/Merman!Sherlock tentacled sex.
9. Mycroft saves Druggie!Sherlock from bad decisions.
10. Dark!Mycroft wants his baby brother back.
11. Omega!Sherlock is legally required to have a child. He obtains what he believes is a dead soldier's sperm. When he finds out the father of his child is not dead, he snoops.
12. Before being forced into an arranged bond, Omega!Sherlock had a one night fling with John, who turned out to be his intended Alpha.
13. Sherlock leaves the wedding in TSOT and decides to visit Sholto in the hospital. They become friends with benefits. John is jealous.
14. John first meets Omega!Sherlock as a pregnant druggie.
15. Sherlock/Old Kingdom Crossover. The whole gang transplanted into the Old Kingdom world.
16. Teen!John is somehow taken in by adult!Sherlock. Eventually they end up in a relationship.
17. John/Sherlock. Omega!Sherlock, Alpha!John. A/B/O. Wetting. Omegas wet themselves.
18. Dark themes. Alpha!Mycroft buys Omega!Lestrade.
19. Moriarty drugs Lestrade's doughnuts with barbiturates over some time in order to induce a withdrawal syndrome.
20. John/Sherlock Priest AU featuring a terrified (and quickly pious after Sherlock's arrival) parish.
21. Stamford/Mycroft. John/Sherlock was a test; Stamford's ready to make his own move.
22. Succubus!Sherlock feeds off of John.
23. Johnlock fluff.
24. NCIS crossover. Tony was raised by the Holmes family.
25. Sherlock suffers from Athazagoraphobia, the fear of being forgotten or ignored, and the person he's most scared to lose is John.
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Part 37 Page 10

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-12-15 12:26 am (UTC)(link)
1. Mycroft must refuse to help Sherlock in order to save his life.
2. Sherlock can see ghosts. John is able to make them disappear.
3. Omegaverse AU, Ace Sherlock/beta John.
4. Mycroft has an embarrassing middle name.
5. Established Johnlock, John thinks Sherlock is sentimental (in his own way).
6. Sherlock sitting on John's face, with John being totally in control and eating his arse out.
7. Mycroft had heart surgery and didn't think Sherlock would care.
8. John/Sherlock (unresolved?). John/Mary. John doesn't trust Mary and never will trust her again.
9. John/Sherlock (unrequited?), Sherlock&OMC. Heartbroken, Sherlock hires an actor to be his 'John'.
10. TRF AU - John gets arrested after leaving the hospital, and is told about Sherlock's suicide by Sally.
11. Established relationship, Dom!John coaches Sub!Sherlock to fuck him.
12. Johnlock - John realises Sherlock's past history of rape and/or abusive relationship.
13. Established Relationship: John has a Reichenbach flashback and needs comfort.
14. Sherlock watches his own rape and torture video over and over again in secrecy.
15. Jim/Sherlock- Somethings Never Change, Doctor Who crossover, angst, h/c. Jim and Sherlock are the latest forms of the Doctor and Master.
16. John has moved back in and occasionally accidentally triggers Sherlock's PTSD.
17. John and Sherlock throw the Yard's betting pool on when they'll get together.
18. Mystrade: Lestrade likes Mycroft's freckles.
19. Moriarty/Sherlock/John A/B/O Verse, Alphas Sherlock and Moriarty share Omega John as he goes through his heat.
20. Sherlock discovers Tumblr; takes it as dating advice.
21. Sherlock is cursed a la fairytale AU, and goes about trying to break it 'scientifically'.
22. John/Sherlock. A/B/O or MPreg. Angst, because people don't believe Sherlock's children are his own.
23. Sherlock thinks everyone is an idiot because they're too distracted by his beauty to function.
24. CAM/Sherlock. Non-Con. Alcohol Enema. Bottle-fucking. Humiliation. Magnussen pours alcohol into Sherlock's bottom by inserting the neck of a bottle.
25. Corporal punishment, School spanking with Sherlock embarrassing the spanker.
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Filled # 24

[personal profile] tenderly_wicked 2015-12-16 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Magnussen, being a total creep, pours an incredibly expensive alcohol into Sherlock's bottom by inserting the neck of a bottle deep into him and fucking him with it in the process (or afterwards if he uses something else to administer the alcohol). Sherlock is coerced into it (blackmailed perhaps). The whole experience is shocking for him, but I don't mind if his body betrays him, even though his mind hates it.

Later Charles also enjoys watching the show of intoxicated Sherlock being ill and absolutely miserable, crawling on the floor (possibly trying and failing to keep the liquid up his bum).


Bottled up (on AO3)
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Part 37 Page 11

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-20 11:13 pm (UTC)(link)
1. While having an argument in public (completely non sexual), Sherlock blurts out his safe word.
2. Omegaverse. Omegas Sherlock and John being fucked side by side by various female Alphas.
3. Traumatized, age-regressed John being cared for by Sherlock.
4. John has internalized homophobia, Sherlock is a nervous virgin.
5. Pre-Sherstrade where Lestrade's daughter is a mean girl.
6. Sherlock's coat isn't for dramatic purposes; it reminds him of his older brother Sherrinford.
7. John/Sherlock. Mostly Asexual!Sherlock gets off on John standing up for him. Violence. Murders.
8. John's patients start dying in suspicious circumstances.
9. John/Sherlock(+All). Sometimes Sherlock becomes All. Genderfluidity.
10. John is a companion robot.
11. Time Traveler's Wife AU. Sherlock/John. Moriarty goes back in time to rape John.
12. John and Sherlock raise Archie.
13. Mystrade. Mycroft tries to play matchmaker for Lestrade.
14. Mycroft is a drug addict, but it's all under control.
15. Mycroft is raped and it is livestreamed to Sherlock.
16. Victorian fluff; tenderness between Sherlock and John, navigating in 1895.
17. John and Sherlock break the floor having sex and fall into Mrs. Hudson's flat.
18. Sherlock and John are parents to a little brat.
19. Omegaverse AU. Mycroft/John/Sherlock threesome.
20. John/Moriarty, possibly one-sided!Sherlock/John. John enters into a relationship with Moriarty while Sherlock is dead.
21. Omegaverse. Omega!Sherlock and Alpha!John. "I am a doctor. I can help you through your heat."
22. Jim Moriarty is a zombie. But who says that zombies can't have fun?
23. John/Sherlock, Categorised as husband, vague mentions of Abominable Bride. Sherlock and John are married in Sherlock's mind.
24. Moriarty has a younger sister. She meets Sherlock and John.
25. Whenever Sherlock gets hurt, it helps him to cope with the pain if he imagines that John is by his side.
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Part 37 Page 12

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-20 11:17 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Sherlock deleted Madonna entirely to get away with stealing one of Mycroft's Madonna albums when he was a young teenager.
2. Mummy knows Mary shot Sherlock. Mummy was Head Girl at St. Trinian's and takes revenge.
3. Sherlock made a deal with a demon during The Reichenbach Fall. He is taken to hell and tortured.
4. Johnlock surprise glasses kink.
5. Sherlock is held down and fucked with a baseball bat. It's up to you whether he enjoys it or not.
6. Non-con omegaverse; Omega!Sherlock/Alpha!Magnussen.
7. Kidnapped John becomes addicted to drugs.
8. Dark John pimping Sherlock out for money.
9. Moriarty/Pregnant Mary, non-con.
10. Mycroft/Molly - gen or shippy, possible hints of suicide.
11. John has an oral fixation.
12. Johnlock - Sherlock is secretly a sex god.
13. John/Sherlock- Alone, h/c, angst, spoilers for the Abominable Bride.
14. John, Mycroft, h/c, angst, Abominable Bride. After getting Sherlock settled back into Baker Street, John calls Mycroft to tell him that it's not his fault.
15. Misplaced comment: love this!
16. Sherlock ideas and Sherlock x Harry Potter crossover ideas.
17. John/Sherlock. Sherlock does get off on crime scenes. More specifically, he gets off on imagining John as the murderer.
18. Magnussen either rapes or tries to rape Sherlock. Mycroft finds out and makes sure his punishment is long and painful.
19. Sherlock is reincarnated as John and Mary's child.
20. Sherlock is a fortune-teller.
21. The other brother betrayed them for England. Past rape and drug use.
22. boxing!Sherlock, John, h/c, tw: scarring. Sherlock takes up boxing.
23. Sherlock and Lestrade are highly protective of each other.
24. John/Others, Mycroft- Brother, angst, h/c, past noncon, murder. Mycroft comes to see John as an adopted brother.
25. John/Sherlock- 10 Ways to Show Your Man He's Special, fluff, humor.
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Part 37 Page 13

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-20 11:21 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Sherlock gets raped. Moriarty gets revenge for him.
2. Mycroft, Sherlock, other- Memories, h/c, angst, past-torture. The third Holmes brother was a pure sadist.
3. Sherlock refuses to see any Doctor but John.
4. John or Lestrade/Mycroft. Mycroft's idea of asking someone out on a date is having the person kidnapped and brought to a restaurant.
5. When they were younger, their parents made Mycroft feel responsible for everything bad that happened to Sherlock.
6. Sherlock panics every time he's about to orgasm.
7. Game of Thrones crossover. Sherlock and Mycroft are the reincarnated Renly and Stannis, respectively.
8. There's another criminal out there and Moriarty is not pleased that he's been paying visits to Sherlock.
9. Lestrade/Sherlock- Say My Name, BDSM. Lestrade won't let Sherlock come until the consulting detective gets Lestrade's first name right.
10. Jim raped John before Sherlock arrived at the pool.
11. Mary is Sebastian Moran's twin sister. Mary is raped by Jim; Sebastian blames John.
12. Childhood rape. Sherlock's uncle took his virginity.
13. John's wanted to throw Sherlock a surprise party for years. Naturally, he's never been able to. This year, though, he finally succeeds.
14. John, Lestrade, Sherlock- Credit Where Credit is Due, fluff.
15. Sherlock left clues that he was alive for his friends. They didn't notice.
16. John is the third Holmes brother. Mycroft had false memories implanted to give him a new life.
17. John swears; Sherlock experiments.
18. Johnlock. Funny/laughing and aborted/fail sex + completely killed mood.
19. Autistic!Sherlock, sensory issues, helpful John.
20. Mycroft doesn't believe Sherlock has been raped.
21. Donovan and Sherlock went to school together. She bullied Sherlock.
22. Mummy Holmes is a malignant narcissist and tries to slowly poison Sherlock to death. Mycroft to the rescue!
23. Mycroft is not Sherlock's brother. He is his stalker.
24. Sherlock has to choose between saving John or Mary and the baby.
25. Omegaverse Warstan, Voyeur Sherlock.
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Part 37 Page 14

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-20 11:26 pm (UTC)(link)
1. As soon as Mary has the baby, John takes his child and leaves her.
2. John has to choose between Mary and Sherlock. Character Death.
3. Incubus John. Reproduction through a marathon five-day mating session.
4. John questioning Sherlock's past (warning: child abuse).
5. Sherlock, when he's Shezza, shotguns and does blowbacks and all kinds of other gay smoking things with random junkie men. John sees and nearly explodes with lust.
6. Dark John/Sherlock, forced pants wetting and punishment (warning: non/con, abuse).
7. John/Sherlock, Alpha Sherlock gets dommed, warning:dub/con or non/con.
8. Teen!John is sexually assaulted, but no one believes him when he tries to report the incident--no one except teen!Sherlock.
9. Mycroft makes Sherlock go on a honeypot mission. Sherlock then tries to convince Mycroft to sleep with him.
10. Alternate universe, teen!lock, unrequited Moriarty/John.
11. John is Sherlock's sub and he loves every minute of it, but he also always looks forward to how gentle and loving Sherlock is during aftercare.
12. John/Sherlock. Dom/sub. Sherlock has been tense since he left.
13. John edges Sherlock in public all day.
14. Sherlock spirit animals? (Or something like that).
15. John is from NightVale.
16. Dom John. Johniarty. John being in control of Jim in some way.
17. Awkward first time S/J.
18. Omega Sherlock owning it. Johnlock.
19. Student/teacher omegaverse, Johnlock.
20. Teenage omegaverse mpreg fic! S/J, omega Sherlock.
21. Younger innocent omega!Sherlock/older noble Alpha!John.
22. Mycroft subtly destroying every date Greg goes on because he has a not so little crush on him. Mystrade ensues.
23. Sherlock deducing someone is transgender and using their proper pronouns.
24. John and Sherlock play out a rape fantasy with comfort afterward.
25. Omegaverse. Alpha/Alpha knotting. Sherlock gets way too curious about it. John/Sherlock.
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Part 37 Page 15

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-20 11:30 pm (UTC)(link)
1. John walks in on Mycroft/Sherlock incest but "it's not what you think John!"
2. John notices that Sherlock looks overly content when he's licking an ice cream.
3. Moriarty has a fucking machine and hooks Sherlock up to it.
4. Incubus John, marathon sex, pregnant and horny Sherlock, insatiable John, erotic birth, and happily ever after.
5. Tokyo Ghoul AU. Sherlock is a ghoul.
6. Homestuck crossover. Sherlock shooshpapping John. Sherlock and John being epic morails.
7. John/Lestrade, fake relationship makes Sherlock jealous.
8. Thoroughly researched Sherlock/John - as Romans.
9. Sherlock. John. Drunk. Vegas.
10. AU - threesomes are the norm.
11. Omegaverse. John/Sherlock, John/Jim/Sherlock. A/O/O. A!John, O!Sherlock, O!Jim. Rape. Forced Bonding.
12. Dark!John and Mary playing doctor and nurse with a clueless Sherlock.
13. Mary/John, Mary/John/Sherlock - Rushed birth, on the run, chased by assassins.
14. Mycroft is Blind. He and Lestrade get kidnapped. (Mycroft/Lestrade).
15. The Thick of It/Sherlock crossover - Malcom Tucker is married to Mycroft Holmes.
16. Fallout crossover. Sherlock is the Chosen One sent out on a mission to find a G.E.C.K for his vault, John's job is to act as his protector, Mycroft is the secret vault overseer and Lestrade is head of security.
17. Mycroft suffers from hematidrosis, a condition where a person sweats blood under extreme stress.
18. Kin meme announcement.
19. Molly is a Snapewife.
20. Moriarty seriously over-identifies with a triangle demon from a children's cartoon, and has it out for anyone who portrays him "incorrectly".
21. Mycroft actually has curly hair.
22. Sherlock/John. BDSM-Fail. They're both doms.
23. Star Wars Jedi Knight fusion. John is the wild, cocky smuggler. Sherlock is the Padawan. Lestrade's the Jedi Master and Anderson is the droid.
24. Empath!Sherlock who still acts like our favorite high-functioning sociopath.
25. Otter gif prompt
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Part 37 Page 16

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-20 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Crossover: James Bond. John/Sherlock, Bond/Q. Q is the youngest Holmes. Mycroft's typical meddling.
2. Non-con, scat. Magnussen likes to use Sherlock as a toilet.
3. A fic with a case which leads to Sherlock, John, Greg, Sally and maybe even Mrs. Hudson all being BAMF.
4. During a really gruesome and hard case Sally and Sherlock find themselves without other options but to kill their opponent.
5. Pain&humiliationslut!Sherlock, BDSM, Johnlock, Sherlock/OMC(s).
6. Jim fingering and possibly giving oral to a helpless Molly in the morgue while he taunts Sherlock via phone to hurry up and find/rescue her.
7. Harry Potter crossover. Mycroft deduced Mr. Holmes' affair. Hermione Granger is their sister. That fact makes it quite awkward to work with Hermione Granger when he has to deal with the Ministry of Magic.
8. EXTREMELY Dubious consent Omegaverse. Oppressed Omegas. Doctor Watson is teaching omega anatomy; Sherlock is field experience.
9. Irene notices that her puppy Sherlock is starting his heat, so she decides to call Mary and pedigree breeder John to breed him.
10. Sapphire and Steel crossover. Sapphire and Steel have been assigned to 221b Baker Street.
11. Sherlock keeps deleting that Lestrade is dead (but is he?).
12. Lestrade on the edge of burnout.
13. Dark!Sherlock makes his twin throw himself off that roof.
14. Crossover with Lucifer from Fox.
15. Jim/Seb, mormor [trigger warning for everything] You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore.
16. Marvel crossover: Mary was trained in the Red Room.
17. Lestrade/Molly vs Lestrade/Mycroft. Matchmaker Sherlock versus Mycroft's Courtship.
18. Sherlock takes care of baby Watson and develops mental problems.
19. John/Mary - Spanking, dialogue prompt.
20. The apocalypse. Mycroft/John/Sherlock fic where they are the 4 horsemen and are unaware, until Moriarty shows up and people die.
21. Sherlock/NCIS crossover starring Sally Donovan.
22. HLV or TSOT with broken heart syndrome. Johnlock.
23. Lestrade. Omegaverse with painful heats.
24. Vampires have werewolves as pets/guards/slaves. There is a yearly competition for the top vampires' werewolves like Hunger Games.
25. AU. sentinel and guides are secret. Polygamous sentinel guide.
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Part 37 Page 17

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-20 11:42 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Greg wasn't their first silver fox. Greg is like Victor was.
2. During the hiatus in order to take down the rest of Moriarty's web, Sherlock had to become a killer. Now he feels guilt.
3. Johnlock celebrity AU.
4. Soldier!John in Afghanistan + supernatural creatures.
5. Victorian!Sherlock and Victorian!John bathing naked in a pond. Shy!Sherlock. Not established relationship.
6. Sherlock wakes up in hospital and is put on suicide watch but doesn't know why.
7. Fan Art Request: Mycroft hanging out with government cats.
8. Sherlock stops taking drugs after he hurts John while high.
9. John leaves.
10. Lestrade/Mycroft. Mycroft lets Lestrade mourn Sherlock during the hiatus.
11. Johnlock. Teenlock AU.
12. Sherlock matchmakes John/Mycroft.
13. Ravenclaw!Sherlock keeps getting locked out of the common room because somebody decided to make all the password riddles pop culture based. This leads to fluffy Johnlock.
14. Crossover. Reincarnation into Star Trek. Khan!Sherlock.
15. Mycroft and Sherlock are together, possibly they are kidnapped and Sherlock is tortured to get information from Mycroft.
16. Sherlock's first friend entered into a relationship with Mycroft, who had him killed.
17. Moriarty is really back, but not to face up against Sherlock. Not now, at least. He's back because he doesn't like people who try to kill his toys.
18. Teen!John, reincarnation/AU.
19. During the hiatus, John was tortured into insanity.
20. Jim/John/Sherlock- Fantasy vs. Reality in porn, polyandry.
21. New story for Sherlock's fandom - Bored.
22. New story for Sherlock's fandom - The reptile's touch.
23. John, Mycroft- Brother, fluff. Dialogue prompt.
24. When Greg was a teenager, he used to babysit the Holmes.
25. Sherrinford is sherlocks alternate personality.
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Part 37 Page 18

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-20 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Sherlock and mycroft had another sibling who died in an accident Sherlock is responsible for.
2. In ASIP Sherlock wasn't moving from Montague street to 221b, he had actually just been released from prison.
3. John and Sherlock were childhood friends. Sherlock gets John's "just in case" letter even though he didn't die in Afghanistan.
4. John's old friend once raped Sherlock, no one knows.
5. Glee Crossover. University students. Johnlock/Klaine.
6. Moriarty's LGBTQIAP+ Network.
7. Sherlock/John, d/s without s/m.
8. Sherlock/John dominant/submissive fic where the dominant partner is the one who's a masochist.
9. Sherlock recorded ASMR or other types of sleeping aid videos and posted them online. John uses them after Afghanistan.
10. Lestrade whump and comfort.
11. John is one of Moriarty's brothers. He distanced himself; Sherlock doesn't know.
12. Sherlock isn't Mycroft's brother. When Mycroft was younger, he decided to win the science fair by cloning a human being.
13. Lestrade-centric hurt/comfort, family loss.
14. Sherlock and John cutting onions.
15. Sherlock's never heard of a lot of urban myths, nor seen MythBusters. He notices the show's science is crap. He decides to test myths himself.
16. Sherlock's bank security questions are about "your spouse". The answers are about John.
17. Some police bigwig is Sherlock's godmother. The police find out about Sherlock's family.
18. After Sherlock's death, his family won't let things lie.
19. Sebastian and Greg went to the same school or the like and they just parted ways.
20. HPC crossover. Reimagining of "The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb".
21. "Then correct me, doctor." + victorian + spanking.
22. Johnlock. John tries to discover the truth about Mummy and Daddy Holmes.
23. Johnlock. Sherlock needs a Dom (or Alpha) carer husband.
24. Johnlock, Sherlock/CAM. Magnussen blackmails Sherlock.
25. Coffeeshop AU angsty version - John has PTSD and regularly comes into the coffee shop where Sherlock, who has a worsening drug problem, works.
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Part 37 Page 19

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-21 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
1. Discussion of rape. Sherlock is falsely accused.
2. The very tangible scrapbook of all the things "John".
3. Devdas crossover. Sherlock as Devdas, John as Paro, Irene as Chandramukhi.
4. Moriarty wants to send Sherlock a gingerbread man perfectly burnt to a crisp, but he's having a bad day in the kitchen and nothing is working for him.
5. Young!Sherlock as Marc Almond of Soft Cell.
6. Sherlock and John are, respectively, the devil and the angel on some poor soul's shoulder.
7. Sherlock's reaction to Mycroft being attacked and/or raped.
8. John was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when he met Sherlock.
9. Moriarty can't bake gingerbread men, so he pays/blackmails/kidnaps Mary Berry to do it for him.
10. Song prompt: The Dresden Dolls - 'Coin Operated Boy'.
11. The first thing Sherlock does after returning from his hiatus is to go to Angelo's. After two years of not knowing where his next meal was coming from, food's not just fuel any more.
12. Whipping boy AU. Mystrade, Johnlock.
13. A pirate AU with *John* as the pirate please.
14. Alpha!Mycroft and Omega!Sherlock procreated.
15. Johnlock. Sherlock goes up against a serial killer for personal reasons.
16. Sherlock/CAM, Johnlock. Magnussen wants Sherlock.
17. Johnlock, Mary/John. Sherlock is pregnant too, but hides it.
18. Sherlock saying this line: "Bored. Where's the nearest orgy."
19. Older established John first meets Sherlock by bidding on him in a charitable bachelors auction.
20. Greg is shocked and unbelievably turned on when Mycroft says "Fuck me, Greg. Hard" for the first time.
21. John/Sherlock or Gen. John is a walking lie detector.
22. Johnlock. Sherlock leaves after Mary announces her pregnancy. He's pregnant too.
23. CAM wants Sherlock; he uses Mycroft's pressure points.
24. Johnlock. Someone catches Magnussen molesting Sherlock.
25. Female!Sherlock and the men in her life.

Filled #20

[personal profile] magika_draconia 2017-05-02 05:28 pm (UTC)(link)

Greg is shocked and unbelievable turned on when Mycroft says "Fuck me, Greg.Hard" for the first time.

(Bit delayed putting it here - sorry!)
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Part 37 Page 20

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-21 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
1. Johnlock. Always fem!Sherlock. Sherlock needs help wanting to live.
2. Johnlock. Sherlock takes a child's case and bonds with the kid.
3. Sailor Moon crossover in which Sherlock is the moon prince (or princess) and basically figures out the whole secret royalty thing in 5 minutes.
4. The government arranged for Mycroft to be correctionally raped to "stop his homosexual thoughts". A daughter he didn't know existed shows up.
5. Drugged-up Sherlock rapes someone. He feels worse about it than the victim.
6. Mpreg. Sherlock and Mycroft are both heavily pregnant and everyone's waiting with baited breath to see who will go into labor first.
7. Mpreg; Sherlock and John meet in prenatal classes.
8. Sherlock and John used to hold hands in cabs.
9. Johnlock. Sherlock never intended to fake his death; Moriarty wouldn't let him die.
10. Johnlock. Sherlock is viciously assaulted on case.
11. Moriarty spies on Johnlock.
12. Johnlock. John and Sherlock parenting their children.
13. Johnlock. Sherlock is terminally ill.
14. Established Johnlock. Moriarty goes after Magnussen for trying to manipulate Sherlock.
15. Eventual Johnlock. Sherlock gets engaged to a man other than John.
16. Sherlock overdoses after TST.
17. John apologises for hitting Sherlock.
18. Culverton molests/rapes Sherlock in the hospital.
19. Sherlock/Eurus while she's pretending to be Faith.
20. John is turned into a mouse or he's been one the whole time and Sherlock protects him and keeps him in his pocket.
21. After S4, Lestrade looks after Mycroft.
22. Mycroft was blamed for Victor's death.
23. Mycroft/Moriarty at Sherrinford.
24. Something happens and suddenly Sherlock's mind is much more cat-like.
25. Slave au + Post-Reichenbach fall. John was Sherlock's slave. He was freed after the fall, and later purchased Sherlock.
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Part 37 Page 21

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-21 12:12 am (UTC)(link)
1. Human Pet AU - Catlock, non-con. Certain sections of the population are deemed sub-human and are sold as pets; John's therapist recommends getting a pet.
2. Omegaverse. Omegas aren't considered to be much more intelligent than dogs. John taking in Feral!Omega!Sherlock and being surprised at how intelligent he is.
3. Repressed sub!Mycroft needs some care after TFP, D/s AU.
4. Young Sherlock accidentally outs his kidnapper.
5. TFP AU: Sherlock's sibling is protective of him.
6. A Mycroft/Lady Smallwood fic involving that vintage movie at the beginning of TFP.
7. Johnlock. Fuck or die during The Final Problem.
8. John doesn't realize it, but sometimes he sleepwalks and has sleep sex with Sherlock.
9. Sherlock thinks about John during sex/masturbation
10. Sherlock/Any. Non-con genital spanking.
11. Sherlock coping with trauma. What else has Sherlock re-wrote or erased throughout his life?
12. Baskerville really was trying make superdogs (besitality).
13. John was a serial killer. Sherlock blackmails John into living with him.
14. John + forced feminization + non-con body mod + videos. Magnussen has John kidnapped and emasculated.
15. Non-con - John and pony play. Sherlock encounters John held captive at a ranch that specializes in pony play.
16. Sherlock stands up for Mycroft.
17. Uncle Rudi looks after Mycroft and takes him under his wing.
18. Due to a head injury, Sherlock forgets all the little facts he knows that allow him to make deductions.
19. John is subject to non-con oviposition.
20. Sherlock/Eurus, non-con/dub-con, incest. Eurus went to extreme lengths to just get Sherlock's attention. What if she wanted more?
21. John gets off on humiliating Sherlock, Sherlock gets off on John's praise; they find a middle ground in puppy play.
22. Sherlock is addicted to John's cock.
23. The Holmes brothers are angels - no really! Johnlock.
24. Johnlock. John wonders about Sherlock saying "Alone is what protects me."
25. Johnlock. Sherlock leaves and becomes detective bros with Irene.
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Part 37 Page 22

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-21 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
1. Johnlock. Sherlock dies; John blacks out and wakes up again on the day he met Sherlock.
2. Sherlock is John's urinal.
3. Mycroft/Lestrade. They were together when Sherlock was dead, but broke up. Sherlock wants them to get back together.
4. Mycroft/Lestrade. Mycroft and Lestrade get drunk together and play silly drinking games.
5. Established Johnlock. BAMF!John. Eurus and Moriarty underestimate John.
6. James Bond crossover. Sherrinford is the elusive third Holmes brother, and Eurus's twin. He is also Q of MI-5.
7. Johnlock. Sherlock pretends to be a sociopath because of Eurus.
8. Mycroft/Uncle Rudi. Mycroft was lonely and isolated; uncle Rudi paid him attention.
9. After Sherrinford, Mycroft is fine... until he has a very public breakdown.
10. Mycroft/Lestrade. Mycroft is very self-conscious about his body. Greg helps him start to love his scars.
11. Sherlock has sex with Irene and doesn't enjoy it.
12. Non-con. Mycroft reprograms John to be gay.
13. Johnlock. Virgin!sherlock tries to have sex with someone (not John), but can't get it up.
14. Protective!Lestrade pays John a visit and lets him know how he feels about him beating Sherlock.
15. John and Sherlock traveling together during TST.
16. A case where Sherlock claims a victim was killed by a dinosaur.
17. Dom!Mycroft/sub!John. John and Sherlock are in a D/s relationship before the Fall. Mycroft takes over after.
18. John rewrites all his memories so that Sherlock was a cat.
19. Going back to Sherrinford is a little too much for Mycroft. He's on the verge of a panic attack but Sherlock notices.
20. John leaves Sherlock after TFP; he falls back to drugs.
21. Mycroft is ridiculously unwell but keeps working. Then he collapses.
22. Omega Sherlock can think around John.
23. Sherlock secretly experiments on John, making him lactate.
24. Mycroft does have OCD, very carefully managed and controlled OCD.
25. Johnlock feederism/food play. John really likes seeing Sherlock eat the food John provides for him.

Filled # 14

(Anonymous) 2017-03-15 02:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Full prompt

I'm still pissed about the whole beating scene. Sherlock was in such a terrible mental and physical state and John still proceeded to beat him to a pulp (fucking mofftiss). So I just want a character to be as angry as I am on Sherlock's behalf. Hence this prompt.

After Culverton's confession Greg pays Sherlock a visit to check if he's alright and to thank him for catching the serial killer. But then sees his face, and is properly horrified. Sherlock dismisses the whole thing as no big deal because obviously he thinks he deserved it. But see, Greg doesn't fucking thinks so, thank you very much.

So he pays John a visit. And proceeds to punch him right in the face. Imagine the force of the entire Johnlock fandom behind that punch if you need to visualized how furious Greg is.


Filled #24

(Anonymous) 2017-07-03 12:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Full Prompt:
Sherlock wasn't being glib when he described Mycroft as OCD. Mycroft does have OCD, very carefully managed and controlled OCD...except, since Sherinford he's been having difficulty. Anthea eventually calls on Greg (or Sherlock) for help.

Check, Recheck
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Part 37 Page 23

[personal profile] creepercroft 2017-02-21 12:24 am (UTC)(link)
1. John/Sherlock. MPreg. John cooks to satisfy Sherlock's cravings.
2. John&Sherlock or John/Sherlock. Sherlock struggles with his feelings for Rosie.
3. Sherlock works at Lush.
4. Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock and John and makes them act out dating scenarios.
5. Sherlock goes to someone he trusts and asks for a severe spanking to absolve him of the guilt about Mary's death.
6. John sees a tiger that no one else can see following Sherlock around.
7. Ella Enchanted AU. Before he and Sherlock met, John was cursed with obedience.
8. Sherlock was turned into a raven before he met John. He encounters John and decides to make him his assistant, whether John likes it or not.
9. The reason Mycroft couldn't use the gun on the governor is because he's killed once before.
10. John gets kidnapped by a curly haired maniac in a fancy coat, who may be a serial killer, who is now holding John hostage while avoiding the police.
11. Mycroft or John gives Sherlock a proper birching for some sort of dangerous stunt he pulls.
12. Sherlock turns into a big cat and attempts to have sex with John.
13. Mystrade. Mycroft brings Lestrade home to introduce him to uncle Rudy.
14. Someone is trying to train Sherlock to be his kitty. He chooses to start with litter box training.
15. Fem!Sherlock/gay!John.
16. Mary's baby is actually Sherlock and John's. A/B/O (?). Possible harm to a child. Dark. Angst.
17. Doctor Strange fusion. John has been to Kamar-Taj.
18. Mycroft getting pegged by Lady Smallwood.
19. TFP. Fuck or die. Eurus forces Mycroft and Sherlock to have sex with each other.
20. Anderson investigates and solves an old case.
21. Dark!John/Sherlock, forced feminization. After Mary's death, Sherlock becomes her replacement.
22. Euros/Molly. dub-con. Euros decides to approach Molly instead of John. The Holmes charm works.
23. Mycroft, violence, possibly non-con. Eurus trapped Mycroft with the most violent criminal(s) in Sherrinford.
24. Possessive Sherlock turns into a dragon.
25. Sherlock bonds with de-aged John.