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Part 37 Page 4

1. Magnussen rapes and abuses in any way he finds interesting both Mycroft and Sherlock.
2. Sherlock AU in which everything is exactly the same, except that everyone talks as if they were in a Shakespeare play.
3. When Mycroft and Lestrade have sex, Mycroft likes to leave little extra clues on Lestrade to gross out his brother.
4. Vampire!Sherlock and Bodyguard!John.
5. Victorianlock Omegaverse Hysteria. Omega!Sherlock is sent to John for treatment.
6. John goes back to the army and is content. Angst from Sherlock (and possibly Mary).
7. Johnlock omegaverse. Surrogate!Sherlock or John. MPREG.
8. After the fall John is charged with assaulting a police officer and accessory to (whatever Sherlock's crimes are). This means his licence to practise medicine is revoked.
9. After baby Watson is born, Sherlock distances himself from John and Mary.
10. Pet play. There are special parties held at the Diogenes Club for the selected few.
11. Dom!Mycroft/Sub!Irene - dub-con, orgasm denial followed by forced orgasms.
12. Sherlock and John/Mary, possible Johnlockary. Instead of shooting Sherlock, Mary knocks him out and runs.
13. Moriarity/Molly - kidnapping, possible stockholm syndrome. Jim grew fond of Molly. When he returns from the dead, he kidnaps her.
14. Omegaverse. Alpha!Mary/Omega!Sherlock/Beta!John. John winds up watching in shock as his "omega" wife doms the hell out of his "alpha" best friend, and is weirdly turned on by this.
15. Molly/Toby - crack, cat curse, interspecies. Molly gets turned into a cat, and her pet feline Toby is VERY happy to see her.
16. Sherlock and Mary - friendship, comfort, no hard feelings, dialogue prompt.
17. Jim/Mary - old rivals, hate sex, Jim is a painslut.
18. John and Sherlock College roommates AU - John gets the harem.
19. John is not a traditional human, but a 14,000-year-old immortal, who has survived centuries of evolution from the Cro-Magnon era to the present.
20. Molly/Lestrade. Slave!AU. Molly is wrongly convicted of a crime, and Lestrade makes sure he out-bets everyone in the resulting slave auction so he can bring Molly home with him.
21. OUAT in Wonderland crossover with Molly as Alice, Sherlock as Cyrus, John as Will Scarlett, Mary as Anastasia, and Jim as Jafar.
22. Mary dealing with depression/suicidal thoughts and seeking professional help.
23. One-sided Molly/Sherlock - vaginal stretching experiment gone wrong, hurt/comfort.
24. Sherlock is adopted, his birth mother is Mrs. Hudson.
25. A little girl asks for Sherlock's help finding her missing teddy bear. John makes him take the case, and it ends up being surprisingly interesting.

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