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Part 37 Page 11

1. While having an argument in public (completely non sexual), Sherlock blurts out his safe word.
2. Omegaverse. Omegas Sherlock and John being fucked side by side by various female Alphas.
3. Traumatized, age-regressed John being cared for by Sherlock.
4. John has internalized homophobia, Sherlock is a nervous virgin.
5. Pre-Sherstrade where Lestrade's daughter is a mean girl.
6. Sherlock's coat isn't for dramatic purposes; it reminds him of his older brother Sherrinford.
7. John/Sherlock. Mostly Asexual!Sherlock gets off on John standing up for him. Violence. Murders.
8. John's patients start dying in suspicious circumstances.
9. John/Sherlock(+All). Sometimes Sherlock becomes All. Genderfluidity.
10. John is a companion robot.
11. Time Traveler's Wife AU. Sherlock/John. Moriarty goes back in time to rape John.
12. John and Sherlock raise Archie.
13. Mystrade. Mycroft tries to play matchmaker for Lestrade.
14. Mycroft is a drug addict, but it's all under control.
15. Mycroft is raped and it is livestreamed to Sherlock.
16. Victorian fluff; tenderness between Sherlock and John, navigating in 1895.
17. John and Sherlock break the floor having sex and fall into Mrs. Hudson's flat.
18. Sherlock and John are parents to a little brat.
19. Omegaverse AU. Mycroft/John/Sherlock threesome.
20. John/Moriarty, possibly one-sided!Sherlock/John. John enters into a relationship with Moriarty while Sherlock is dead.
21. Omegaverse. Omega!Sherlock and Alpha!John. "I am a doctor. I can help you through your heat."
22. Jim Moriarty is a zombie. But who says that zombies can't have fun?
23. John/Sherlock, Categorised as husband, vague mentions of Abominable Bride. Sherlock and John are married in Sherlock's mind.
24. Moriarty has a younger sister. She meets Sherlock and John.
25. Whenever Sherlock gets hurt, it helps him to cope with the pain if he imagines that John is by his side.

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