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Part 37 Page 12

1. Sherlock deleted Madonna entirely to get away with stealing one of Mycroft's Madonna albums when he was a young teenager.
2. Mummy knows Mary shot Sherlock. Mummy was Head Girl at St. Trinian's and takes revenge.
3. Sherlock made a deal with a demon during The Reichenbach Fall. He is taken to hell and tortured.
4. Johnlock surprise glasses kink.
5. Sherlock is held down and fucked with a baseball bat. It's up to you whether he enjoys it or not.
6. Non-con omegaverse; Omega!Sherlock/Alpha!Magnussen.
7. Kidnapped John becomes addicted to drugs.
8. Dark John pimping Sherlock out for money.
9. Moriarty/Pregnant Mary, non-con.
10. Mycroft/Molly - gen or shippy, possible hints of suicide.
11. John has an oral fixation.
12. Johnlock - Sherlock is secretly a sex god.
13. John/Sherlock- Alone, h/c, angst, spoilers for the Abominable Bride.
14. John, Mycroft, h/c, angst, Abominable Bride. After getting Sherlock settled back into Baker Street, John calls Mycroft to tell him that it's not his fault.
15. Misplaced comment: love this!
16. Sherlock ideas and Sherlock x Harry Potter crossover ideas.
17. John/Sherlock. Sherlock does get off on crime scenes. More specifically, he gets off on imagining John as the murderer.
18. Magnussen either rapes or tries to rape Sherlock. Mycroft finds out and makes sure his punishment is long and painful.
19. Sherlock is reincarnated as John and Mary's child.
20. Sherlock is a fortune-teller.
21. The other brother betrayed them for England. Past rape and drug use.
22. boxing!Sherlock, John, h/c, tw: scarring. Sherlock takes up boxing.
23. Sherlock and Lestrade are highly protective of each other.
24. John/Others, Mycroft- Brother, angst, h/c, past noncon, murder. Mycroft comes to see John as an adopted brother.
25. John/Sherlock- 10 Ways to Show Your Man He's Special, fluff, humor.

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