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Part 37 Page 21

1. Human Pet AU - Catlock, non-con. Certain sections of the population are deemed sub-human and are sold as pets; John's therapist recommends getting a pet.
2. Omegaverse. Omegas aren't considered to be much more intelligent than dogs. John taking in Feral!Omega!Sherlock and being surprised at how intelligent he is.
3. Repressed sub!Mycroft needs some care after TFP, D/s AU.
4. Young Sherlock accidentally outs his kidnapper.
5. TFP AU: Sherlock's sibling is protective of him.
6. A Mycroft/Lady Smallwood fic involving that vintage movie at the beginning of TFP.
7. Johnlock. Fuck or die during The Final Problem.
8. John doesn't realize it, but sometimes he sleepwalks and has sleep sex with Sherlock.
9. Sherlock thinks about John during sex/masturbation
10. Sherlock/Any. Non-con genital spanking.
11. Sherlock coping with trauma. What else has Sherlock re-wrote or erased throughout his life?
12. Baskerville really was trying make superdogs (besitality).
13. John was a serial killer. Sherlock blackmails John into living with him.
14. John + forced feminization + non-con body mod + videos. Magnussen has John kidnapped and emasculated.
15. Non-con - John and pony play. Sherlock encounters John held captive at a ranch that specializes in pony play.
16. Sherlock stands up for Mycroft.
17. Uncle Rudi looks after Mycroft and takes him under his wing.
18. Due to a head injury, Sherlock forgets all the little facts he knows that allow him to make deductions.
19. John is subject to non-con oviposition.
20. Sherlock/Eurus, non-con/dub-con, incest. Eurus went to extreme lengths to just get Sherlock's attention. What if she wanted more?
21. John gets off on humiliating Sherlock, Sherlock gets off on John's praise; they find a middle ground in puppy play.
22. Sherlock is addicted to John's cock.
23. The Holmes brothers are angels - no really! Johnlock.
24. Johnlock. John wonders about Sherlock saying "Alone is what protects me."
25. Johnlock. Sherlock leaves and becomes detective bros with Irene.

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