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Part 37 Page 17

1. Greg wasn't their first silver fox. Greg is like Victor was.
2. During the hiatus in order to take down the rest of Moriarty's web, Sherlock had to become a killer. Now he feels guilt.
3. Johnlock celebrity AU.
4. Soldier!John in Afghanistan + supernatural creatures.
5. Victorian!Sherlock and Victorian!John bathing naked in a pond. Shy!Sherlock. Not established relationship.
6. Sherlock wakes up in hospital and is put on suicide watch but doesn't know why.
7. Fan Art Request: Mycroft hanging out with government cats.
8. Sherlock stops taking drugs after he hurts John while high.
9. John leaves.
10. Lestrade/Mycroft. Mycroft lets Lestrade mourn Sherlock during the hiatus.
11. Johnlock. Teenlock AU.
12. Sherlock matchmakes John/Mycroft.
13. Ravenclaw!Sherlock keeps getting locked out of the common room because somebody decided to make all the password riddles pop culture based. This leads to fluffy Johnlock.
14. Crossover. Reincarnation into Star Trek. Khan!Sherlock.
15. Mycroft and Sherlock are together, possibly they are kidnapped and Sherlock is tortured to get information from Mycroft.
16. Sherlock's first friend entered into a relationship with Mycroft, who had him killed.
17. Moriarty is really back, but not to face up against Sherlock. Not now, at least. He's back because he doesn't like people who try to kill his toys.
18. Teen!John, reincarnation/AU.
19. During the hiatus, John was tortured into insanity.
20. Jim/John/Sherlock- Fantasy vs. Reality in porn, polyandry.
21. New story for Sherlock's fandom - Bored.
22. New story for Sherlock's fandom - The reptile's touch.
23. John, Mycroft- Brother, fluff. Dialogue prompt.
24. When Greg was a teenager, he used to babysit the Holmes.
25. Sherrinford is sherlocks alternate personality.

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