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Part 37 Page 22

1. Johnlock. Sherlock dies; John blacks out and wakes up again on the day he met Sherlock.
2. Sherlock is John's urinal.
3. Mycroft/Lestrade. They were together when Sherlock was dead, but broke up. Sherlock wants them to get back together.
4. Mycroft/Lestrade. Mycroft and Lestrade get drunk together and play silly drinking games.
5. Established Johnlock. BAMF!John. Eurus and Moriarty underestimate John.
6. James Bond crossover. Sherrinford is the elusive third Holmes brother, and Eurus's twin. He is also Q of MI-5.
7. Johnlock. Sherlock pretends to be a sociopath because of Eurus.
8. Mycroft/Uncle Rudi. Mycroft was lonely and isolated; uncle Rudi paid him attention.
9. After Sherrinford, Mycroft is fine... until he has a very public breakdown.
10. Mycroft/Lestrade. Mycroft is very self-conscious about his body. Greg helps him start to love his scars.
11. Sherlock has sex with Irene and doesn't enjoy it.
12. Non-con. Mycroft reprograms John to be gay.
13. Johnlock. Virgin!sherlock tries to have sex with someone (not John), but can't get it up.
14. Protective!Lestrade pays John a visit and lets him know how he feels about him beating Sherlock.
15. John and Sherlock traveling together during TST.
16. A case where Sherlock claims a victim was killed by a dinosaur.
17. Dom!Mycroft/sub!John. John and Sherlock are in a D/s relationship before the Fall. Mycroft takes over after.
18. John rewrites all his memories so that Sherlock was a cat.
19. Going back to Sherrinford is a little too much for Mycroft. He's on the verge of a panic attack but Sherlock notices.
20. John leaves Sherlock after TFP; he falls back to drugs.
21. Mycroft is ridiculously unwell but keeps working. Then he collapses.
22. Omega Sherlock can think around John.
23. Sherlock secretly experiments on John, making him lactate.
24. Mycroft does have OCD, very carefully managed and controlled OCD.
25. Johnlock feederism/food play. John really likes seeing Sherlock eat the food John provides for him.

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