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Part 37 Page 2

1. John/Sherlock, Sherlock in a breeding stand.
2. Sherlock/Fargo (TV) crossover. Sherlock and John having to investigate a crime Malvo's committed or is involved in.
3. John/Sherlock (?) Mrs Hudson wants her own married ones.
4. Soulmate AU. John and Sherlock do not match.
5. John moves out and Sherlock panics.
6. Sherlock once lost himself in his mind palace and started to believe it was the real world. Mycroft managed to get him out somehow, but it wasn't easy.
7. Sherlock is a guest on Top Gear.
8. Sherlock used to be a dom, but is now in a vanilla relationship with John. Sherlock’s old sub Victor returns.
9. Sherlock has been rendered catatonic by something happening to him. John tries to help him through it.
10. Why doesn’t Sherlock want a lift in a police car? What happened in his past to make him so opposed to it?
11. Medical kink, with doctor!John who needs to examine naive/shy!Sherlock.
12. John/Sherlock. Intersex(hermaphrodite)!Sherlock. Body worship. Virgin!Sherlock.
13. John/Sherlock. Asexual!Sherlock has an unusual sexual response to his violin being touched by John.
14. Anthea/Harry. One day Harry meets Anthea and falls hard for her.
15. John saves the day (as well as Mycroft and Sherlock).
16. John/Sherlock. Mpreg, but no omegaverse. Pregnant!Sherlock.
17. John/Sherlock. Sherlock gives birth in Mycroft's posh car. A/B/O AU.
18. John taking care of a traumatized Sherlock.
19. AU: Sherlock is secretly a woman and perfectly comfortable with her gender, but living as a man.
20. Moriarty is trying to send threatening messages to various people but keeps getting the messages mixed up with his random google searches.
21. Omegaverse/Sentinel fusion with Alpha/Guide!John and Omega/Sentinel!Sherlock.
22. AU where Werewolves live among normal people and only a few, like Mycroft, know about their existence. John gets bitten.
23. John/Sherlock, minor John/Mary, Sherlock is self-destructing without John.
24. Sherlock/Moriarty, AU, King!Moriarty, Musician!Sherlock.
25. Nature-documentary-type observation of Sherlock trying to court John.

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