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Part 37 Page 23

1. John/Sherlock. MPreg. John cooks to satisfy Sherlock's cravings.
2. John&Sherlock or John/Sherlock. Sherlock struggles with his feelings for Rosie.
3. Sherlock works at Lush.
4. Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock and John and makes them act out dating scenarios.
5. Sherlock goes to someone he trusts and asks for a severe spanking to absolve him of the guilt about Mary's death.
6. John sees a tiger that no one else can see following Sherlock around.
7. Ella Enchanted AU. Before he and Sherlock met, John was cursed with obedience.
8. Sherlock was turned into a raven before he met John. He encounters John and decides to make him his assistant, whether John likes it or not.
9. The reason Mycroft couldn't use the gun on the governor is because he's killed once before.
10. John gets kidnapped by a curly haired maniac in a fancy coat, who may be a serial killer, who is now holding John hostage while avoiding the police.
11. Mycroft or John gives Sherlock a proper birching for some sort of dangerous stunt he pulls.
12. Sherlock turns into a big cat and attempts to have sex with John.
13. Mystrade. Mycroft brings Lestrade home to introduce him to uncle Rudy.
14. Someone is trying to train Sherlock to be his kitty. He chooses to start with litter box training.
15. Fem!Sherlock/gay!John.
16. Mary's baby is actually Sherlock and John's. A/B/O (?). Possible harm to a child. Dark. Angst.
17. Doctor Strange fusion. John has been to Kamar-Taj.
18. Mycroft getting pegged by Lady Smallwood.
19. TFP. Fuck or die. Eurus forces Mycroft and Sherlock to have sex with each other.
20. Anderson investigates and solves an old case.
21. Dark!John/Sherlock, forced feminization. After Mary's death, Sherlock becomes her replacement.
22. Euros/Molly. dub-con. Euros decides to approach Molly instead of John. The Holmes charm works.
23. Mycroft, violence, possibly non-con. Eurus trapped Mycroft with the most violent criminal(s) in Sherrinford.
24. Possessive Sherlock turns into a dragon.
25. Sherlock bonds with de-aged John.

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