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Part 37 Page 19

1. Discussion of rape. Sherlock is falsely accused.
2. The very tangible scrapbook of all the things "John".
3. Devdas crossover. Sherlock as Devdas, John as Paro, Irene as Chandramukhi.
4. Moriarty wants to send Sherlock a gingerbread man perfectly burnt to a crisp, but he's having a bad day in the kitchen and nothing is working for him.
5. Young!Sherlock as Marc Almond of Soft Cell.
6. Sherlock and John are, respectively, the devil and the angel on some poor soul's shoulder.
7. Sherlock's reaction to Mycroft being attacked and/or raped.
8. John was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when he met Sherlock.
9. Moriarty can't bake gingerbread men, so he pays/blackmails/kidnaps Mary Berry to do it for him.
10. Song prompt: The Dresden Dolls - 'Coin Operated Boy'.
11. The first thing Sherlock does after returning from his hiatus is to go to Angelo's. After two years of not knowing where his next meal was coming from, food's not just fuel any more.
12. Whipping boy AU. Mystrade, Johnlock.
13. A pirate AU with *John* as the pirate please.
14. Alpha!Mycroft and Omega!Sherlock procreated.
15. Johnlock. Sherlock goes up against a serial killer for personal reasons.
16. Sherlock/CAM, Johnlock. Magnussen wants Sherlock.
17. Johnlock, Mary/John. Sherlock is pregnant too, but hides it.
18. Sherlock saying this line: "Bored. Where's the nearest orgy."
19. Older established John first meets Sherlock by bidding on him in a charitable bachelors auction.
20. Greg is shocked and unbelievably turned on when Mycroft says "Fuck me, Greg. Hard" for the first time.
21. John/Sherlock or Gen. John is a walking lie detector.
22. Johnlock. Sherlock leaves after Mary announces her pregnancy. He's pregnant too.
23. CAM wants Sherlock; he uses Mycroft's pressure points.
24. Johnlock. Someone catches Magnussen molesting Sherlock.
25. Female!Sherlock and the men in her life.

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