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Part 37 Page 6

1. MPreg. During her and John's wedding Mary realises that Sherlock is pregnant. She also realises that the baby is probably John's (which it is).
2. Hobbit crossover - Thorin vs Sherlock for John's affections.
3. Lestrade names his cat Sherlock.
4. Sherlock & Mary - abusive friendship prompt. Sherlock is fine with Mary doing anything to him as long as she doesn't hurt John or the baby.
5. Irene Adler - too kinky to torture.
6. Sherlock has to go undercover at a laundromat for a case - but he truly, honestly can't seem to figure out how a washer and dryer work.
7. Alternate meeting: One pretends to be the other's date.
8. Moran is a posh, rich, white boy.
9. Sherlock does require sleep... he just sleepwalks a lot. Mental Health Issues.
10. John learns that Greg and Mycroft used to be lovers many years ago, but it ended badly.
11. Young policeman Greg Lestrade arrests an underage teen Mycroft for prostitution.
12. Tired of being subjected to Sherlock's experiments without his own consent, John decides to teach Sherlock a good lesson he won't forget by spiking his drink with a strong diuretic and laxative.
13. Sherlock likes framing Anderson for unsolved murders.
14. John and Sherlock are getting married. Sherlock is very nervous and angsty and worked up.
15. John becomes a contestant on Project Runway and Sherlock is assigned to him as his model.
16. Sherlock bonds with an autistic child.
17. Sherlock gets hit on while crossdressing - by Harry.
18. Johniarty. The Holmes brothers kidnap young John. Jim gets him back.
19. Sherlock tries to take advantage of child!John. John's older brother Jim comes to the rescue and shows him he loves him.
20. Jim has to show his little brother John that he loves him and no others can touch him.
21. Little angel John, young and innocent, meeting the mysterious dark winged Jim.
22. Jim is furious when he discovers his father has been prostituting his little brother, John. John just wants Jim to love him.
23. Sherlock really wants to have sex with John, but it makes him panicky.
24. John/Sherlock, John/OMC. Omegaverse. Omega!Sherlock is terribly jealous of the omega male that alpha!John starts dating.
25. Sherlock plays the violin like David Garrett.

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