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Part 37 Page 1

1. Prompting Part XXXVI Amnesty Thread for fills.
2. Prompting Part XXXVI Amnesty Thread for comments.
3. OmegaCat!Sherlock goes into heat, Vet!John knows what to do.
4. John/Sherlock. Medieval AU, A/B/O AU. King Mycroft announces a contest for Sherlock's hand in marriage.
5. Sherlock&John with implied Sherlock/Mary: John finds out that Sherlock is actually the father of his and Mary's baby.
6. SPN fusion: Mycroft knows Sherlock has always had the Mark of Cain, but Sherlock doesn't.
7. John has a kink for being drugged, Sherlock (and maybe Mary) utilise it.
8. Sherlock kills a man who poses a threat to John in cold blood, after asking an unsuspecting John to leave him alone to "interrogate" the witness.
9. Sherlock undercover at a gay pride march for a case.
10. John/Sherlock, Omegaverse. MPreg, Multiple Pregnancy.
11. John&Sherlock. "Jacob's Ladder"/"Silent Hill"-inspired AU. Dark. Possible Drug Abuse/Overdose.
12. AU Sherstrade: Sherlock is a professional home-wrecker.
13. Lestrade/Mary with background John/Sherlock.
14. Omega!Sherlock (or just MPreg). Billy is Sherlock's son as a result of past non-con. Angst.
15. Sherlock gets something stuck up his ass and has to go to the clinic where John works to have it taken out.
16. AU: Sherlock is a chemist who develops custom perfumes.
17. Clara/Harry, Clara/John. Sharing. Pre-Sherlock. Harry and John have no problem sharing Clara.
18. Sherlock becomes hot after a makeover AU. Sherlock stopped taking drugs, but never dropped his 'Shezza' look.
19. John feeding Sherlock fill continuation from Part XXXVI.
20. John/Lestrade. noncon & dubcon. Young!John is sold into the sex trade and rescued by Lestrade years before his canon meeting with Sherlock.
21. Sherlock and Sally are really old friends just like Sherlock said.
22. Star Trek AU. Sherlock as the science officer and John as the chief medical officer on the Enterprise.
23. Virgin!Sherlock. Sherlock and John's first time, and John being a patient and considerate partner.
24. John/Sherlock, rough sex. Sherlock asks John to be completely in charge and dominating during sex.
25. Sherlock suffers from Cotard Delusion. Also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome.

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