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The Filled Prompts Post #3: Parts 37 and forward

Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 37 and forward.
If you filled a prompt on LJ from Parts 1-23, please use the FPP #1.
If you filled a prompt on LJ from Parts 24-36, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

As you can see, this post has a lot of  comments like this one.

Each one of these comments stands for a page in the meme. They each have a numbered list of hyperlinks on them. Each of these hyperlinks leads to a prompt from that page, obviously! It's actually a very simple system-- the prompts are in number order in the comment that corresponds with the page it is on.

Now, that is only an archive of prompts. So here's where you, fillers, come into play! Once you've filled something (this will be easier for you if you remember what page the prompt is on when you fill it, but otherwise you will just have to look through the comments) reply to the comment that corresponds with your prompt.

Let's say I filled prompt number 2 in the above comment. (I didn't, but let's just say I did.)
I would reply to that comment like so:

(I'm not linking to it because I didn't fill that prompt. But you get the idea, right?)

It's very important that you put a link to your  fill, and not to the prompt itself.


THE PURPOSE OF DOING THIS: It will make a clear, organized list that people can scroll through and a) immediately know whether a prompt is filled or not, b) get a link to it if it is filled and c) find the prompt if it hasn't been filled to go fill it! 

I know it might seem complicated, but I promise it is very simple.

It is AMAZINGLY, VITALLY IMPORTANT that you put the number of the prompt in the title of your comment! Please, do not forget to do that! Also remember to link to your fill, and not the prompt. This will make things a lot easier for archivists.

The way you can see what's been filled is by the numbers in the title of each reply. Using logic: If you don't see a number in a reply, then it hasn't been filled yet! (:

+ Regarding WiPs: You are free to post them here unfinished by your own discretion. Whether you decide to do that, or one of your WiPs is caught in an archiving sweep, please do not start a new comment for updates to your fill! Instead, reply to your original WiP comment with either an "Updated" or a "Finished" or what-have-you.

+ IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC... a good way to do this is to simply go to "Find" on your browser (Ctrl + F) and search for buzzwords. (i.e. "tentacles" or "wings" or "cat.") Generally our paraphrased prompts will include buzzwords from the original prompt. (:

If you have any questions regarding the Filled Prompts Post, please don't hesitate to ask on the Page-A-Mod post.

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Part 37 Page 7

[personal profile] creepercroft 2015-12-15 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
1. John/Sherlock A/B/O (?), MPreg. Bring your baby to your work.
2. Mrs. Hudson hears things all of the time.
3. Sherlock has to go undercover as a nurse. In doing so he meets John, a doctor where he's investigating.
4. Dialogue Inspired: Crazy Stupid Love, Sherlock reminded Molly of her Dad from the start.
5. Non-con. Photographer Magnussen/Naive model Sherlock.
6. When soulmates meet, they see colour. John is blind, and someone is pretending to be his soulmate when he meets Sherlock or Moriarty, who is his true soulmate.
7. Molly is a professional Ballet Dancer.
8. Younger than his partner John.
9. Schoolboy John is bullied. Older Sherlock or Jim take advantage.
10. Greg/Mycroft. Mycroft has to put up with Greg's children.
11. Moriarty, for some odd reason, loves children.
12. For some supernatural reason, Mrs. Hudson HAS to stay at Baker Street. Without her, England falls.
13. Sherlock joins forces with Moriarty.
14. Vampire!Sherlock is hiding out, Mrs. Hudson is a (mostly-retired) vampire hunter. John finds out.
15. John/Sherlock, John/Mary, possible Johnlockary. John has to balance their needs carefully.
16. Molly has had noncon fantasies as long as she can remember.
17. 5 times Molly almost phoned Irene and one time she did.
18. Dark!Molly and Jim in a dub- or non-con scenario with Molly having the upper hand.
19. Sherlock and Moriarty are in an arranged marriage, but Sherlock loves John.
20. Premature Ejaculation/Coming in pants/Sensitive Sherlock.
21. Mycroft the Spy (RED fusion); Mycroft must be an unmitigated badass who OWNS everything and everyone.
22. Mycroft is gagged in public, Any/Mycroft, humiliation.
23. John learns that he's terminally ill and is going to die so he starts taking care of everything and everyone he's going to leave behind, especially Sherlock.
24. John is mute.
25. Alpha!Greg/Omega!Mycroft. A/B/O. Possible MPreg. Greg loves children.