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Part 37 Page 5

1. Write a gen mini-fill about your favorite friendship from the series!
2. Lestrade accidentally watches John fucking Sherlock. He later wanks unwillingly to the thought.
3. Sherlock picks someone up at a bar while he is away and says John's name during sex.
4. Skyfall crossover. Art with Jim and Q having sex in front of a mirror.
5. Sholto/John/Sherlock, military kink.
6. Omegaverse Au in which Alphas have two Omegas. The omegas fight a lot.
7. Omega!Mycroft’s scent has been getting stronger and more enticing to alphas which gets him into trouble often at work, he considers other options.
8. Sherlock and John get a pirate-related case and Sherlock totally fails to hide his childlike enthusiasm about all things pirate.
9. Molly/Lestrade - both stood up on their blind dates.
10. Mycroft as impromptu nurse dealing with Mary having a miscarriage.
11. Asexual Sherlock still gets morning wood and asks John to help him with it now they are sharing a bed.
12. John resorts to sex work after he doesn't get the job at the clinic; Sherlock runs into him while he's working.
13. John is sick of being lonely, so he hires a prostitute/escort sight unseen and receives Sherlock.
14. White Collar crossover. Neal needs John's help.
15. Jim and John used to be together, but Jim abandoned John after the war.
16. Harry Potter AU with John as the chosen one.
17. Harry Potter AU. John is a Slytherin.
18. John and Sherlock have sex at the Yard and leave Sherlock's panties behind. The panties are found and pinned to a board.
19. John is a virgin. When he and Sherlock get together, Sherlock doesn't know and isn't particularly gentle.
20. Moriarty finds out John is his half-brother. He kidnaps and brainwashes/drugs him so that John only knows Jim and wants to spoil him.
21. John and Lestrade have met before. John was the victim of the worst physical and sexual abuse cases the yard had ever seen.
22. Royalty!AU. 11 year-old homeless pickpocket Sherlock is the kidnapped prince.
23. Irene/Molly - Sherlock sells Molly out for information, dub con into willing.
24. Sherlock is responsible for the Watson pregnancy because he drugged them.
25. Jim becomes a VIP in hell.

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