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Part 37 Page 20

1. Johnlock. Always fem!Sherlock. Sherlock needs help wanting to live.
2. Johnlock. Sherlock takes a child's case and bonds with the kid.
3. Sailor Moon crossover in which Sherlock is the moon prince (or princess) and basically figures out the whole secret royalty thing in 5 minutes.
4. The government arranged for Mycroft to be correctionally raped to "stop his homosexual thoughts". A daughter he didn't know existed shows up.
5. Drugged-up Sherlock rapes someone. He feels worse about it than the victim.
6. Mpreg. Sherlock and Mycroft are both heavily pregnant and everyone's waiting with baited breath to see who will go into labor first.
7. Mpreg; Sherlock and John meet in prenatal classes.
8. Sherlock and John used to hold hands in cabs.
9. Johnlock. Sherlock never intended to fake his death; Moriarty wouldn't let him die.
10. Johnlock. Sherlock is viciously assaulted on case.
11. Moriarty spies on Johnlock.
12. Johnlock. John and Sherlock parenting their children.
13. Johnlock. Sherlock is terminally ill.
14. Established Johnlock. Moriarty goes after Magnussen for trying to manipulate Sherlock.
15. Eventual Johnlock. Sherlock gets engaged to a man other than John.
16. Sherlock overdoses after TST.
17. John apologises for hitting Sherlock.
18. Culverton molests/rapes Sherlock in the hospital.
19. Sherlock/Eurus while she's pretending to be Faith.
20. John is turned into a mouse or he's been one the whole time and Sherlock protects him and keeps him in his pocket.
21. After S4, Lestrade looks after Mycroft.
22. Mycroft was blamed for Victor's death.
23. Mycroft/Moriarty at Sherrinford.
24. Something happens and suddenly Sherlock's mind is much more cat-like.
25. Slave au + Post-Reichenbach fall. John was Sherlock's slave. He was freed after the fall, and later purchased Sherlock.

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