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Prompting Part XXXV


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johnlock - subdrop sherlock hides because it's easier until it's almost too late

(Anonymous) 2014-05-21 12:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I've been reading and craving subdrop h/c fics but with lots of hurt.

I want Sherlock to start dropping and he notices it but instead of going to John like he's supposed to, for whatever reason, he panics and thinks it's easier to ignore it. So he gets worse and I want the kind author to focus on the physical and mental effects Sherlock starts experiencing and how it escalates because the worse it gets, the more determined Sherlock is to hide it (for one thing, he didn't go straight to John like he was supposed to).

Unfortunately, Sherlock is just really good at it which makes everything just that much worse.

sherlock's sex tape wasn't a sex tape. noncon

(Anonymous) 2014-05-21 12:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, just build an agnsty story upon how Sherlock's sex tape gets watched by everyone and they all think it was consensual party sex sort of sex tape. Only it wasn't and Sherlock was either way too high or drunk or scared to get out of it.

Oh and if it isn't too much, please protective!John and/or overprotective!mycroft.

Re: sherlock's sex tape wasn't a sex tape. noncon

(Anonymous) 2014-05-22 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
Oh fuck. Seconding.

Re: sherlock's sex tape wasn't a sex tape. noncon

(Anonymous) - 2014-05-27 00:04 (UTC) - Expand

John/Sherlock, Midnight in Paris

[identity profile] 2014-05-21 12:54 pm (UTC)(link)
John and Sherlock go walking through Paris in the rain.

John and Sherlock are getting close to penetrative sex

(Anonymous) 2014-05-21 12:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock goes to big bro Mycroft for a sex ed. Mycroft teaches and calms Sherlock down saying it shouldn't hurt, he just needs to stay relaxed and use enough lube. That and if he doesn't trust John to be gentle, Sherlock should get out now.

Then he provides his little brother with condoms and lube.

Re: John and Sherlock are getting close to penetrative sex

(Anonymous) 2014-05-22 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
This is hilariously adorable.
I think I shall fill this. If you don't mind it being a bit silly and funny, then a bit sweet of course. I'll probably post it on AO3 so I can format with italics and bigger text and the such. Apologies for any ignorance here. I've never filled a post on the kinkmeme! Might be able to have something by Friday or Saturday and link it here.

Another bed-sharing prompt

[identity profile] 2014-05-21 02:45 pm (UTC)(link)
For some reason or another, Sherlock and John have to share a bed for a night. Sherlock doesn't sleep at all because he doesn't want to miss a minute of being this close to John. He lies very close to get as much of John's warmth as he can, but not touching; only maybe when John's deeply asleep he dares to touch his cheek or press a light kiss to his forehead.

In the morning Sherlock wants to move a bit farther from John so as not to make him uncomfortable when he wakes up, but as he starts to move John stops him, pulling him close and mumbling something about a cuddle. Sherlock is so happy when he finally dares to wrap his arms around John.

And then John whispers "Mary..."

It could either be just very angsty, with John still married to Mary and not returning Sherlock's feelings at all, or first angsty and then fluffy when it turns out John only said Mary's name because she's the last person he shared a bed with, but they're divorced/she died and John is ready to move on to Sherlock.
Edited 2014-05-21 14:48 (UTC)

Gen, Sherlock reluctantly testifies against his rapist

(Anonymous) 2014-05-22 07:06 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock absolutely doesn't want to, but he ends up somehow painted into a corner where he feels like he has no choice but to testify against his rapist in court.

I just want tons of angst, with Sherlock feeling horrible and humiliated by the whole thing, forced to relive the whole ordeal in public, and then hating himself for having such a human reaction.

And if you could have John or anybody else there to comfort him as much as possible after, I'd love you forever.

Re: Gen, Sherlock reluctantly testifies against his rapist

(Anonymous) 2014-05-22 06:38 pm (UTC)(link)
oh. i want to read this so much

AU Dark!Sherlock, DarkButHurting!John, Dub-con, Serial Killer

(Anonymous) 2014-05-22 07:39 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock is a serial killer. When he's bored, he'll pick out some random humans he regards as a piece of garbage/someone so boring and/or so dumb their existence offend him. He kills them then turns them to his works of art. Murder scenes that'll send the public to an uproar and the Yard to a frenzy.


Re: AU Dark!Sherlock, DarkButHurting!John, Dub-con, Serial Killer

(Anonymous) 2014-05-22 07:50 am (UTC)(link)

John is a self-appointed vigilante. Sometime ago, a scumbag raped and killed his fiancé. When the Justice system failed to sentence him, John killed him himself. He never stops killing criminals ever since.

One day, Sherlock finds John, his whole body soaked with blood, running from a murder scene. Sherlock's immediately interested in him. His interest soon blooms into an obsession and the twisted version of love.

The reason I add the dub-con is because I don't want their relationship to be all rosy and fluffy here. Bring in mind games, lots of coercion and manipulation (mostly orchestrated by Sherlock), Anon. I'm all for it.

Kid!Mycroft & Kid!Sherlock & kid!Jim almost start world war 3

(Anonymous) 2014-05-22 09:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Mycroft has the ability to start world war III from his mobile phone.

Jim wants the phone. Thinks its a great idea to get Mycroft and turn him into a kid so he can take the phone but con the kid!Mycroft into setting off WW3. It's just a bonus that Sherlock is there when he's enacting his mad plan.

Pity Jim didn't expect to be caught into the kid-making backfire too. (they're all de-aged to the same age just to make it a little fairer?)

So ... kid!Mycroft, kid!Sherlock and kid!Jim with all their precociousness have the ability, intelligence and will to create utter chaos.

Hilarious hijinks happen that Anthea/Andrea, Lestrade, Donovan, Mrs Hudson, Mummy and Daddy et al have to prevent/fix.

Video prompt

[identity profile] 2014-05-23 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
Can someone please make a video with John and Sherlock with the song 'I knew I loved you" by Savage Garden.
Like maybe featuring a mix of the Sherlock's such as Jeremy Brett's , and RDJs and Bbc's and which ever other one you can think of

Re: Video prompt

(Anonymous) 2014-05-23 02:35 am (UTC)(link)

Re: Video prompt

(Anonymous) - 2014-05-27 03:05 (UTC) - Expand

Paintball/laser tag - John is an excellent shot

(Anonymous) 2014-05-23 01:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock and John end up (for whatever plausible or implausible reason) playing laser tag, paintball, or some other shooting-style game. Sherlock finds himself really, really turned on by BAMF!John being such an excellent shot.

(Whether or not this ends up leading anywhere, whether there's a prior relationship, whether Lestrade et al. are playing too, etc. are all up to you . . .)

Re: Paintball/laser tag - John is an excellent shot

(Anonymous) 2014-05-23 02:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Yesssss sexy BAMF John!

Re: Paintball/laser tag - John is an excellent shot

(Anonymous) - 2014-05-23 19:48 (UTC) - Expand

Sherlock and Donovan switch bodies

(Anonymous) 2014-05-23 09:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Due to some strange circumstance Sherlock and Donovan change bodies. At first they are horrified, but then they actually start having fun with it. Run wild!

AU Since After the Reichenbach Fall, Johnlock

(Anonymous) 2014-05-24 08:33 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock comes back from the dead expecting John to be either ~still sad and depressed~ and/or ~living a completely ordinary life and is bored out of his mind.~

Instead, he finds out that John has found someone... An interesting someone, someone who can cure his need for danger even better than Sherlock, someone who's brilliant and badass and fearless and risk-taking and well...

Sherlock is upset - jealous, really. John's supposed to be waiting for him! He's supposed to be mourning him and moving on to a boring life and secretly yearning for Sherlock to rise from the grave and come sweeping him up for crime solving again. John's not supposed to find someone to replace him, dammit!

(What Sherlock doesn't realize is that a guy can have more than one friendship, and Sherlock is irreplaceable for John anyway. Oh! He doesn't see that right hook to the jaw coming either.)

While taking a crossover character from other 'verse might be an interesting concept, I kind of want this new friend of John to be an original character? If it isn't too much to ask?

Few conditions I ask of this character are:
- That the character is a male.
- That his relationship with John is pure bromance. EPIC bromance, yes... but still platonic. No bodily fluids or love confessions involved.

Also, please, no Mary. If she exists, then she doesn't matter to John as much as in the canon.


Irene/Mary, Dom!Mary taught Irene everything she knows

(Anonymous) 2014-05-24 10:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Playing on the trope of "Mary and Irene were together before Sherlock began", but adding a little twist.

Mary used to be Irene's dom, and taught her everything she knows and currently implements in the dominatrix business. Occasionally, they get back together for a casual fling, and it is amazing how easily they fall into their familiar roles.

Re: Irene/Mary, Dom!Mary taught Irene everything she knows

(Anonymous) 2014-05-25 03:10 pm (UTC)(link)

John/Sherlock. Part-Disability, Mutilation, Injury, Angst.

(Anonymous) 2014-05-25 12:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock comes back to John without an arm and maybe blind in one eye or/and deaf in one ear.

Both of them are devastated about it. John helps Sherlock to adjust to his new life and deal with phantom pains as well as with emotional trauma (the loss of the arm can be a result of medical amputation due to some serious injury or it was cut off during an extreme torture).

Friends-to-lovers would be perfect.
If there's sex I prefer only top!John.

+ John gets furious at Sherlock when said detective turns up after his fake suicide and years of absence and it takes John a minute or two to notice that one sleeve of Sherlock's coat is empty (maybe he angrily tries to grab Sherlock's arm and immediately realises that there's nothing to grab. Maybe he even hopes that the arm is just hidden under the coat, so he checks it frantically and is shocked to find nothing).

Re: John/Sherlock. Part-Disability, Mutilation, Injury, Angst.

[identity profile] 2014-05-25 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)

Beauty & the Beast au

(Anonymous) 2014-05-25 02:49 pm (UTC)(link)
sherlock is not physically a beast, but has been convinced by others that he's a monster & he will let no one come close. until john, that is. john doesn't see anything resembling evil inside this man..

Re: Beauty & the Beast au

(Anonymous) 2014-05-25 06:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Awww I love this prompt so much! <3

Re: Beauty & the Beast au

(Anonymous) - 2014-05-26 01:05 (UTC) - Expand

NSY don't believe that Sherlock has a boyfriend

(Anonymous) 2014-05-25 08:13 pm (UTC)(link)
John is in Afghanistan (he's never met Lestrade or the others because of this). Sherlock gets a phone call from Mycroft to say that John has been found half dead after being ambushed and tortured, which explains why Sherlock hasn't heard from him in three weeks. Sherlock is understandably emotional and yells at Mycroft, but as he is in NSY at the time, everybody overhears.

Once off the phone, Sherlock is questioned about who John is. He is then mocked relentlessly as nobody believes that Sherlock has a boyfriend. That is, until Captain Watson himself turns up at a crime scene, surprising Sherlock.

John has sustained injuries from his tour of duty, including some of:
He only has eight fingers
He has scars on his face
Part of his ear is missing
His shoulder wound

NSY are shocked at John's existence and even more surprised at his affectionate display with Sherlock.

I've been reading all the stories in the "Welcome home, John Watson." community over on fanfiction . net and I can't get enough! Please send me a message over there (username: lauraiscumberbatched) if you fill this :D

Re: NSY don't believe that Sherlock has a boyfriend

(Anonymous) 2014-05-25 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, seconded! I love the stories where people don't believe Sherlock has a boyfriend! Please, someone, write this!

Re: NSY don't believe that Sherlock has a boyfriend

(Anonymous) - 2014-05-26 01:06 (UTC) - Expand

Sherlock meeting John's army buddies

(Anonymous) 2014-05-25 08:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Anything with this theme. Do John's friends like Sherlock? Hate him? How does Sherlock feel about them?

Can be Johnlock or gen or whatever. RTYI welcome!


(Anonymous) 2014-05-25 11:41 pm (UTC)(link)
An Old Friend by thirtypercent is a good one.


(Anonymous) - 2014-05-26 01:29 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) - 2014-05-28 11:43 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) - 2014-05-28 11:48 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) - 2014-05-28 11:55 (UTC) - Expand

Sherlock/somewhat Blacklist crossover

(Anonymous) 2014-05-25 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Basically for one reason or other John dies (Maybe by complications from torture by criminals, etc) .

Sherlock doesn't break down like everyone expects.
Instead he becomes a bit like Red Reddington, only the criminal front is to destroy other criminals. It's not exactly a crossover or a fusion, just Sherlock being similiar to Red in his methods.

"I have no interest in cases I have no interest in"/somewhat criminal-but-not-completely-dark!Sherlock, please.

Sherstrade mpreg

(Anonymous) 2014-05-26 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
With pregnant!Sherlock.

I love Omegaverse, and especially Omega!Sherlock, but if you can think of another explanation, go ahead.

The pregnancy can be unplanned (angst? I love angst!) or planned, whichever you want, as long as they do choose to raise the child in the end.

If there's any sex, I do strongly prefer bottom!Sherlock. I also have a thing for pregnancy sex (unnnfff), so, erm . . .

And if you can play up the symptoms of Sherlock's pregnancy and Lestrade being all caring and helping Sherlock feel better . . . I will love you forever. =)


(Anonymous) 2014-05-26 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
What is says on the label.

Re: #YesAllOmega

(Anonymous) 2014-05-28 03:14 am (UTC)(link)

I definitely like the idea, though I'm not sure how you would like a fill to be structured.

Re: #YesAllOmega

(Anonymous) - 2014-06-09 05:52 (UTC) - Expand

Anderson has graphic fantasies about raping and humiliating Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2014-05-26 05:04 am (UTC)(link)
Part of the reason Anderson hated him was that, ever since he met him, he can't stop fantasizing about sexually humiliating Sherlock. Peeing on him, coming on him, making him suck Anderson's cock, making him beg, making him crawl, making him cry, verbally humiliating him.

Anderson's really embarrassed that he has these fantasies and maybe worries that they're indicative of some deeply suppressed issues. Worst of all, he's sure that Sherlock knows about them.

Re: Anderson has graphic fantasies about raping and humiliating Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2014-05-26 08:25 am (UTC)(link)
Hnnng...oh god yes. Seconding


(Anonymous) 2014-05-26 07:13 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock has a cock like this:
with the thin tentacles well under his control.

John and Sherlock have been having sex for a while and Sherlock usually just puts one or two tentacle in him with his cock because the whole thing would be huge and he is afraid to hurt him.

John wants to try to take the whole thing.

johnlock trust issues

(Anonymous) 2014-05-26 08:16 am (UTC)(link)
John's relationship with Mary ends. It's not a big surprise. The trust between them has gone, John can never really forgive Mary for lying to him. Maybe they still have their daughter and are perfectly happy remaining at least on speaking terms for her sake. Or it can be au where there is no daughter.
But that's not the issue.
John is now in need of a place to stay again. Of course, where else would he go but 221b? So he turns up on the doorstep with his suitcase and possibly makes some joke about if Sherlock's got room for him.
To his surprise, Sherlock says no. Sherlock does not want John to move back into 221b.
Sherlock was devastated that John had moved on so easily after his 'death' (of course it wasn't easy at all, but Sherlock doesn't see it that way). He was (still is) in love with John and seeing him with Mary, whilst being left living alone again, nearly broke Sherlock. So having John back should be like a dream come true, right?
But John has made it perfectly clear he's straight. He was happy with Mary. It's only a matter of time before he finds some other woman, and leaves Sherlock again. Sherlock doesn't think he can take having John back only for it to all eventually be taken away again.

end: John has no intention of leaving Sherlock. He loves Sherlock too and is finally ready to accept that. It's just going to take some time to convince Sherlock of that. Eventual Johnlock to make my heart sing.

Optional bonus: Sherlock already has a replacement flatmate. They are a complete asshole to Sherlock, make him feel like shite, and make it clear what a freak he is to them. But Sherlock would rather have that than open his way to the fresh hurt of having John back, only to leave again.

(Blimey, I hope that makes sense. TLDR: John wants to move back into 221b, Sherlock says no because he knows John will eventually leave again and that will hurt even more. Eventual happy ending with helping Sherlock through hisntrust issues and eventual Johnlock)

Re: johnlock trust issues

(Anonymous) 2014-05-26 08:52 am (UTC)(link)
I second this. I really really do.

Sherlock has a short refractory period, Sherlock/John or Sherlock/Lestrade

(Anonymous) 2014-05-26 08:50 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock has a very short refractory period and he and his partner have several uninterrupted hours at their disposal.

Said partner takes it upon himself to give Sherlock as many orgasms as possible until Sherlock is crying and can't take any more. (And maybe even one or two after that).

Lots of bottom!Lock and plenty of cuddling afterwards, please.

Johnlock and Sherlock+Lestrade strenghtening supportive friendship - mentions of statutory rape

(Anonymous) 2014-05-26 11:43 am (UTC)(link)
Lestrade somehow (bless him) learns some skills from Sherlock over the years and deduces Sherlock was a victim of statutory rape (you can make Sherlock as old as 17 and the other guy much older). And Sherlock isn't over it yet, even after all these years.

Lestrade dances around Sherlcok a bit before he confronts him of his suspicions (have it as confrontational or subtle as you want). It is only AFTER this confrontation that Sherlock confirms it.

Sherlock starts treating Lestrade like a therapist. A recurring topic/theme they discuss is John. Sherlock refuses to tell John because he feels embarrassed and humiliated and stupid (because he believes he's smart enough to have avoided it/seen the deception/manipulation). But at the same time, he wants to tell John because some of the most random things John does or says is triggering (like John buys banana milk or some shit. John isn't actually abusive towards Sherlock).

Re: Johnlock and Sherlock+Lestrade strenghtening supportive friendship - mentions of statutory rape

(Anonymous) 2014-05-27 01:06 pm (UTC)(link)