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Prompting Part XXXV


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John/Mary Sherlock/Victor ends in johnlock

(Anonymous) 2014-08-30 08:17 am (UTC)(link)
After John and Mary's wedding Victor Trevor comes back into Sherlock's life. Sherlock dates then marries Victor in an attempt to get over John. Victor is aware of Sherlock's feelings for John but hopes that with time Sherlock will grow to love him. I would like for them to eventually realize that they married the wrong people and married for the wrong reasons. Happy Johnlock ending please :)


(Anonymous) 2014-08-30 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
While helping Sherlock with something, Greg Lestrade is shot/really injured. He'll make a full recovery, but it will be a long road back to health. After the immediate surgery he is transferred to a rehab facility... or so he thinks. In actuality Mycroft has been pining after him, and feels guilty on his brother's behalf. Couple those facts with Mycroft's propensity to take things to ridiculous lengths, and you get a Mycroft who will outfit a downstairs room in his house with medical equipment and pay for 24 nursing just to keep Greg close. Because of the demands of his work schedule Mycroft doesn't see Greg as often as he would like, but does manage to go sit by his bedside every few days. Greg has no idea that he's not in a medical facility, and is confused as to why Sherlock's brother would be coming to visit him so often but he's getting to know the man inside the suit and really likes him so Greg doesn't ask Mycroft, not wanting anything to change. As he starts to be able to get out of bed for short lengths of time Greg begins realizing something isn't right...he's in a private residence. Confronting Mycroft, Greg asks if this is standard procedure for all of Mycroft's agents. Something in Mycroft's expression/face/eyes/answer/whatever tips Greg on to the truth, Mycroft is head over heels for him. Some type of awkward conversation follows, probably with Greg having to drag the truth out of Mycroft, but that's okay because their feelings are mutual. ;) Happy ending please!

Please don't refer to Mycroft as My or Myc. Mycroft is the name his mother gave him, so see yourself all the way to the end please. ;) Rating is up to you, but bonus points if there's gentle, still-recovering, mind-blowingly hot, sensual sex. Thank you!

unilock- sherlock plays violin on the street

(Anonymous) 2014-08-30 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)
where i went to college, they had this street fair type thing on the first friday of every month, and there'd be vendors and dancers and people playing music, so i thought what if sherlock goes to something like this every month and plays violin, and john also goes every month, always looking for that handsome and talented violin player. and then maybe they meet one night at a cafe or something after everyone's packed up?

Re: unilock- sherlock plays violin on the street

(Anonymous) 2014-08-31 08:04 am (UTC)(link)
Seconded! This setting would be lovely :)

Re: unilock- sherlock plays violin on the street

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Re: many men - p a r t t w o

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-03 15:37 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . t h r e e )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-04 16:11 (UTC) - Expand

r e p l y

[identity profile] - 2014-10-08 22:53 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . t h r e e )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-04 16:50 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . f o u r )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-09 03:55 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . f o u r )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-09 17:06 (UTC) - Expand

r e p l y

[identity profile] - 2014-10-15 04:22 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . f o u r )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-10 04:01 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . f i v e )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-15 18:08 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . f i v e )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-17 16:06 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men (p a r t . s i x)

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-19 08:52 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men (p a r t . s i x)

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-19 16:57 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . s e v e n - f i n a l )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-28 08:34 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . s e v e n - f i n a l )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-28 14:51 (UTC) - Expand

Re: many men ( p a r t . s e v e n - f i n a l )

(Anonymous) - 2014-10-29 12:12 (UTC) - Expand

Moriarty asks Sherlock to be his Best Man

(Anonymous) 2014-08-30 08:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Sebastian proposed to Jim, who exepted (possibly because he found the idea as hilirious as I do...). Problem is, neither of them has any friends, so Jim thinks it's totally reasonable to ask Sherlock to be the Best Man. Sebastian doesn't. John does neither. Sherlock, however, seems to understand Jims logic, as twisted as it might be.

Make it as deadpan and 'serious' as possible. I love my crack to be served dry.

(Okay, this one is too good not to share. Mycroft!Captcha asks: "What is for dinner?" :D )

Re: Moriarty asks Sherlock to be his Best Man

(Anonymous) 2014-08-30 09:17 pm (UTC)(link)
This sounds awesome. I wants it.

Menu!Captcha says "french fried". Not sure what products will be french fried, but I think fries will be included.

Re: Moriarty asks Sherlock to be his Best Man

(Anonymous) - 2014-09-02 22:42 (UTC) - Expand

Sherlock-centric, Sherlock can't play his violin right anymore after his hiatus and it's too much

(Anonymous) 2014-08-30 09:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock returns from his hiatus, hiding his ptsd remarkably well. He hasn't played his violin for two years though and his fingers have become stiff, maybe he's had a few broken fingers/fingers broken along the years... anyway, he picks up his violin and it's just not working, it doesn't feel right, it doesn't sound right... it's too much after everything that's happened and he finally breaks down crying.
I'd like it if John is there. Or maybe Mrs. Hudson calls him in distress cos she's never seen Sherlock cry before? Either way, John finally realises something is seriously wrong and h/c ensues.
Thank you!

Re: Sherlock-centric, Sherlock can't play his violin right anymore after his hiatus and it's too muc

(Anonymous) 2014-08-30 09:33 pm (UTC)(link)


(Anonymous) 2014-08-31 08:10 am (UTC)(link)
Because both of them have lost the love of their life and they just want sex, no strings attached, so they can pretend for a little while that they are wanted.
(David as in Mary's ex.)
Lots of angst and pining please! Everything else is up to you :)

Sherlock/Mycroft, Incest, Watersports

(Anonymous) 2014-08-31 06:42 pm (UTC)(link)
There's nothing Sherlock loves more than seeing his perpetually proper big brother piss himself.

Can be consensual, nonconsensual, or any shade of dubcon in between. Also, fine with a fill that's not Holmescest at all & instead just Sherlock screwing with Mycroft. If there's sex, I'd prefer Sherlock to be in charge.

Re: Sherlock/Mycroft, Incest, Watersports

(Anonymous) 2014-09-06 05:09 pm (UTC)(link)

cooking competition AU

(Anonymous) 2014-09-01 03:42 am (UTC)(link)
I was watching the show Cutthroat Kitchen and thought, what if sherlock and john were contestants on this show (where 4 people are given $25,000 to start, and they use that money to "buy" items that will make it difficult for the other contestants to cook, and the winner takes home all the money they have left at the end) and john is on the receiving end on a lot of the sabotages, while sherlock tries to be smart and save his money.

john is there because he's been training as a chef since he was invalided from the army, and wants to finally open his own restaurant, but sherlock is there simply for the challenge and doesn't really need the money.

throughout the game, sherlock and john are in a sort of love-hate relationship, but actually start helping each other towards the end. sherlock ends up winning, but he gives the money to john because he knows he needs and deserves it. (RTYI's would be cool)

Re: cooking competition AU

(Anonymous) 2014-09-01 03:50 am (UTC)(link)
I just saw this show for the first time and would love to read this! Seconded!

"Your mother has a lot to answer for"

[identity profile] 2014-09-01 07:34 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, I have to admit, one bit of business that's annoyed me for a while is John carrying his own bag and Sherlock's out to the cab in "Hounds of Baskerville". Sherlock, it seems, has grown up immersed in a culture of such complete and unquestioned privilege that it never occurs to him, a person has to carry his bags or bring his morning tea. (Or, like Nancy Mitford, pick up his underwear.)

John finally gets sick of it himself. Yes, in some ways he regards Sherlock as he does a superior officer. And he does have what one fanwriter called "a strong caretaker streak", in that he's willing to see to it that Sherlock eats (once in a while, at least). He'll take care of the dishes and keeping the kitchen in such a condition that food prepared there is safe to consume.

But he's not Sherlock's servant. One day, as the two of them are setting out for some out-of-London case, John makes clear that if Sherlock wants his bag brought, he'll have to bring the damn thing himself.

Sherlock takes exactly the note of this that you'd expect.

I want to see Sherlock, in some isolated village (or perhaps in another country), having to get along in the clothes he stands up in and what essentials (comb, toothbrush, a change of underclothing and socks) he can get in the local shops. I want to see him twitching uncomfortably in his cheap Y-fronts and muttering about "short staple cotton". And I really want to see John relaxing with a book while Sherlock washes his own damn shirt and hangs it above the radiator.

Edited 2014-09-01 07:43 (UTC)

Re: "Your mother has a lot to answer for"

(Anonymous) 2014-09-02 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: "Your mother has a lot to answer for"

(Anonymous) - 2014-09-04 20:52 (UTC) - Expand

Hunchback Notre Dame inspired

(Anonymous) 2014-09-01 02:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock is a Judge Claude Frollo getting rid of gypsies(criminals) and being taunted/challenged/seduced by Moriarty(Esmeralda) while falling in love with a new captain John (Phoebus)

"I feel him, I see him /The sun caught in his golden hair/Is blazing in me out of all control"- Hellfire~Disney LOL

the Twist-
*Esmeralda is Moriarty ACTUALLY trying to seduce FrolloSherlock, hence FrolloSherlock justfully trying to eliminate GypsyCriminal population (as opposed to disney Frollo self righteousness)

*PhoebusJohn not understanding why FrolloSherlock hurting "innocent" people and EsmeraldaMoriarty-as-Jim seducing him to his side
Cue: "I was not trained for murder sir"_PhoebusJohn
" but you were trained to follow orders"_FrolloSherlock
PhoebusJohn helping EsmeraldaJim's cause of "justice" and "mistreat" "my people"

*Sexual Tension

*Quasimodo is optional or Billy or JamesMoriarty-actor
*Clopin -mrs Hudson?
*Archdeacon is Greg or Mycroft (or mycrof can be higher authority than sherlock and just hiding as Archdeacon)
* Djali is human and is moran/mary ( who may help convince PhoebusJohn of the "injustice" being done)

happy Johnlock ending (?)
extra:Gladstone as PhoebusJohn horse XD

Someone smashes Sherlock's violin.

(Anonymous) 2014-09-01 07:32 pm (UTC)(link)
They do it deliberatly because they know how much it will hurt him. 'Normal' people get attached to their instruments, so just imagine how devestated Sherlock would be.

(I was personally thinking a random suspect/client getting angry at sherlock, but please not John, Lestrade or Mycroft. I just can't see any of them doing that).

Sherlock picking up the pieces and trying and faling to mask how upset he is. Possibly John walking in on it and comforting Sherlock but also being really mad someone did this.

Bonus if Sherlock doesn't instantly go buy a new one because it just wouldn't be the same.

Re: Someone smashes Sherlock's violin.

(Anonymous) 2014-09-02 01:20 am (UTC)(link)
Arrrrgh! Isn't it bad enough to have the prompt where he can't play right?
(By which I mean I am addicted to pain and am seconding this, but I ain't writing this one. I can't even stand to see them overtighten a bow)
Mycroft says "cheese fries". I don't think he quite understands how painful this prompt is. Sarcastic, fat bastard.

Re: Someone smashes Sherlock's violin.

(Anonymous) - 2014-09-21 18:59 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) - 2014-11-12 19:54 (UTC) - Expand

John has to feed Sherlock - with his mouth.

(Anonymous) 2014-09-02 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock is kidnapped by those with a vendetta against him. He is tied to a pole in a cement basement and survives by licking water from a leaky pipe. When he is found a few days later, he is dehydrated and on the cusp of starvation. Immediately following the event, Sherlock is unable to keep anything but water or broth down - but he won't drink out of a glass or allow intravenous hydration.

The prompt: John decides to take matters into his own hands, and feeds Sherlock water – directly from his own mouth, like a baby bird.

Sherlock permits this.

Bonus if, long after things stabilize to what passes for normalcy at 221B, Sherlock occasionally approaches John to wordlessly beg for whatever John is drinking – from his mouth. Although Sherlock would never admit this, it soothes him.

(Mycroft says: "until tonight" you never knew you needed this)

Re: John has to feed Sherlock - with his mouth.

(Anonymous) 2014-09-02 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
OMG, yes, please!

Re: John has to feed Sherlock - with his mouth.

(Anonymous) - 2014-09-02 16:27 (UTC) - Expand

John/Sherlock, Greg/Mycroft. MPreg. Depression. Angst.

(Anonymous) 2014-09-02 03:13 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock is pregnant with John's baby and alone (maybe John is dead, maybe he's with Mary). Sherlock is depressed and has got a problem taking care of himself. Tired of seeing his brother this devastated, Mycroft decides to snap him out of it. I don't care what exactly he says, but what Sherlock hears is that if he won't stop being like this, Mycroft's going to take the baby away from him (maybe he and Greg can't have children of their own). Mycroft doesn't mean that, but maybe he sort of wants to threaten Sherlock into getting back to normal. Maybe he's worried that Sherlock's going to turn to a self-harming behaviour otherwise.

Sherlock, however, freaks the hell out and does whatever he can to cut all possible ties to his brother and Lestrade. He's scared and paranoid. He thinks that the two of them are just waiting for him to give birth so they can have the baby for themselves. With Mycroft's influence it wouldn't be a problem to take the baby away.

So Sherlock runs away and gets himself into a serious trouble. Maybe Lestrade and Mycroft have to save him, which only makes him think that they just want the baby to be safe and will dispose of Sherlock once it's born.

Of course, it's not true and they try to convince him that they wouldn't do anything like this. But even when the baby is born, Sherlock refuses to let either of them anywhere near his baby. Maybe he doesn't ever allow it.

The ending is up to you.

If John is alive, he can come back and fix everything, if you want.

Gen, Mycroft vs. Sherlock AKA England vs. France

(Anonymous) 2014-09-02 10:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Mycroft is the British Government.
Sherlock is France.
They never get along.
It upsets Mummy.

Run with it sweeties!

Captcha says "allergic reaction" Is that the problem between these two?

Orphan Black Sherlock Cross Over

(Anonymous) 2014-09-03 01:45 pm (UTC)(link)
From The HOUNDS of Baskerville
STAPLETON: Listen: if you can imagine it, someone is probably doing it somewhere. Of course they are.
JOHN: And cloning?
STAPLETON: Yes, of course. Dolly the Sheep, remember?
JOHN: Human cloning?

Prompt: Before Sherlock's fall, a swedish woman was found dead in London. Obviously she was on the run from someone. Her hotel room has been completely trashed and a barbie doll was mutilated as a gruesome calling card. Sherlock was called to the scene but he was unable to find the killer.

Now Sherlock and John are staring face to face with the dead woman. Only she isn't dead and she isn't swedish. Her name is Sarah Manning and she - and her sisters - need help.

Mycroft & Sherlock, Underneath the drama, the Holmes bros are really regular guys

(Anonymous) 2014-09-03 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
What it says on the tin. The Holmes brothers are utterly utterly normal under all the drama they shroud themselves in, incredibly intelligent, but otherwise normal. It's only when they're alone (or alone together) that they drop ALL their masks.
Lazing on the couch, watching movies, scrambling for the remote to quickly change the channel when a praticularly shitty one comes on (yes, they know which ones are the shitty ones), throwing popcorn at each other, giving each other charliehorses, which results in wrestling on the floor... totally and completely normal stuff like that (not per se these things, but you get the idea. No holmescest, just bromance.
Maybe the whole sharade is a game between them or something? One they live and breathe every day.

I'd like it if John and/or Greg (preferably both) find(s) out somehow. Feelings of betrayal, privileged to know the truth, not surprised by typical Holmes antics... whatever you want to write.

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA cookies if Mummy tells them (in front of others) to stop being ridiculous.

Thank you!

John Watson/Mycroft Holmes friendship surviving cancer

[identity profile] 2014-09-04 05:38 am (UTC)(link)
I would love to see a story where during Sherlock's "death" in the two years he was gone, shortly after John discovers he has cancer (something like Hodgkin's lymphoma) and John doesn't think he can do it alone and decides against treatment (due to depression). Mycroft finds out and totally bad assedly steps up and (at first) forces the treatment but becomes John's friend and supports him throughout the treatments/ surgery/ radiation therapy. Mycroft let's him know that he is just as important as Sherlock was to him. John (at first) just thinks it's guilt motivating Mycroft but eventually comes to learn that Mycroft has always cared. Then they become (not best friends) but close friends. Please fill this!!!!!!

GEN or platonic John/Sherlock. John's payback for Sherlock's experiments. H/C.

(Anonymous) 2014-09-04 08:17 am (UTC)(link)
After Baskerville, Sherlock's experiments on John don't go unpunished. John adds a laxative (or/and something equally nasty) into Sherlock's food or drink.

Of course, John takes care of Sherlock after that (because hurt/comfort is the best ;) ), but he also makes Sherlock promise that there will be no more experiments with John as a lab rat, unless John gives his explicit consent.

I'd love platonic or implied johnlock.

Re: GEN or platonic John/Sherlock. John's payback for Sherlock's experiments. H/C.

(Anonymous) 2014-09-04 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)

John/Sherlock. Omegaverse. Alpha!John, Omega!Sherlock. Past Rape, MPreg, Drugs.

(Anonymous) 2014-09-04 03:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock and John get together, despite Sherlock's past decision to never bond and have a family. He decides that John has a right to know his secret.

John knows about Sherlock's past drug abuse, but now he also learns that somebody in the past took advantage of Sherlock being on drugs and raped the virgin Omega while he was in heat, and didn't even realise that he was actually in heat because he was too high. The rape resulted in Sherlock getting pregnant. He kept abusing drugs even then, believing that his drug use would lead to miscarriage anyway.

But the baby survived. Maybe Mycroft somehow forced Sherlock to stop using during the last months of pregnancy at least. After the birth of the baby Sherlock rejected it and gave it to the foster care (and maybe returned to taking drugs again after that).

Sherlock is afraid that John will hate him for his choice. John wonders if they can at least meet Sherlock's child now.
What I want is them finding that child maybe still in the foster care or in adoptive family. Sherlock isn't sure he really wants it, but John wants to see his mate's child, and Sherlock, eventually, agrees.

Bonus if Mycroft has been visiting his niece or nephew sometimes all these years, so the child knows him.

John quickly starts getting along with the child. Sherlock is less enthusiastic, at least at first (too many bad memories that have something to do with this child of rape).
I'd love John and Sherlock to end up adopting the child. Bonus if Sherlock is really insecure at first (maybe he and John even argue about it, but please, no arsehole John who refuses to understand Sherlock's situation just because the child is Sherlock's and "should" be with them. John is not one of those Alphas who pressure their Omegas into doing one thing or another).

Re: John/Sherlock. Omegaverse. Alpha!John, Omega!Sherlock. Past Rape, MPreg, Drugs.

(Anonymous) 2014-09-06 05:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Would love to read this. Seconded!

different Omegaverse (tw consent issues)

(Anonymous) 2014-09-04 08:20 pm (UTC)(link)
The fairly common Omegas don't go into heat, the very rare Alphas do, triggering any nearby Omegas to swarm.

Either Lestrade or John as the Alpha who goes into heat at the worst possible time, please, and anyone else as swarming Omegas.

Captcha says "ride like never before"

nasty way to go

(Anonymous) 2014-09-04 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Any character gets kidnapped and buried alive in a lime kiln.

Re: nasty way to go

(Anonymous) 2014-09-04 08:55 pm (UTC)(link)

An old-style lime kiln, not a modern industrial one.

Re: nasty way to go

[identity profile] emily robbins - 2015-01-22 17:27 (UTC) - Expand

Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran, Jim/Sherlock, Sherlock wants to be in Seb's place

(Anonymous) 2014-09-04 11:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Somehow Sherlock manages to catch a glimpse of Jim and Seb getting at it... (preferably with Jim being a power bottom.)

He is extremely aroused by it and wants to be in Sebastian's place.

Sherlock and Artemis Fowl are cousins

(Anonymous) 2014-09-05 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
Maybe their mums are related?

Fairy business is getting into the human world again, and they both end up on the same case.

Re: Sherlock and Artemis Fowl are cousins

(Anonymous) 2014-09-05 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Love Artemis! Seconded!

nonsexual love-making

(Anonymous) 2014-09-05 07:38 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock and John are in an asexual relationship, but that doesn't mean they don't make love. Please give me a graphic, detailed description of nonsexual but very sensual touching and the intense pleasure they both draw from it. You can include kissing, massages, bathing together or whatever else you like.

Re: nonsexual love-making

(Anonymous) 2014-09-05 02:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Not enough sensual ace stuff out there!

Harry's pregnant

(Anonymous) 2014-09-05 11:44 am (UTC)(link)
Harry comes to John in a panic - she's on the mend with Clara, after a long rough patch, but . . . she's pregnant. And she won't talk about what happened. (Could be a rare fling with a man, could be a drunken bad decision, could be rape, whatever.) She doesn't even really know what she wants John to *do*, exactly, but she's panicked because she's sure Clara doesn't want kids and things are finally, FINALLY going well between the two of them.

John talks her down and helps her figure out what to do - keep the baby, give it up, abortion, give it to John and Sherlock, give it to Mrs. hudson, whatever - I just want to see Caring!John solve all the priblems :-)