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Prompting Part XXXV


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Gen or Johnlock--Sherlock's Bee-themed Serial Murders (murder, gore)

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 08:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock is a serial killer, and all his murders have some element involved with bees. Perhaps he turned one victim's body into a beehive, used the venom in a bee's sting to kill the another, etc.

John may or may not know that Sherlock is doing this, where things go are up to the author.

This was inspired by a really adorable fic I read today, where at the end Sherlock says this:

"Did you know serial killers behave like bees? Serial killers commit their crimes close to home, but far enough away so their neighbours don't become suspicious. Similarly, bees collect pollen near the hive, but far enough that predators can't find the hive."

Re: Gen or Johnlock--Sherlock's Bee-themed Serial Murders (murder, gore)

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 08:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Perhaps he turned one victim's body into a beehive


Seconding for exquisite nightmare fodder!


(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 08:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Someone sends a new weaponized virus into Scotland Yard while Sherlock is there with all the Yarders but John isn't for whatever reason. They have to find who made the virus in order to get an antidote, within an unknown but obviously short time frame. Can be slash or not.

Re: Quarantine!

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 01:50 am (UTC)(link)

Re: Quarantine!

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 19:51 (UTC) - Expand

Reprompt from part 29: Moriarty vs. Sherlock, warning for Holmescest & all-around silliness

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 08:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Re-prompt: Mycroft has been indulging in some casual sex both with his brother and with Jim Moriarty, Britain’s most dangerous criminal mastermind (separately, of course; he is not some kind of a pervert) - or at least he thought it was casual, but now they have found out about each other those two idiots are actually fighting over him, causing unimaginable chaos and destruction (people are suffering and Mummy is very upset!).

Re-prompter: Mycroft tells both Sherlock and Jim they need to stop the madness and come to an accord before he even thinks of touching one or either one of them ever again. Sherlock is determined that only he will 'win' Mycroft - Jim is of the same opinion. Losing is not an option for either of them and nothing is out of scope in order to win.

Bonus points:
- Happy if Mycroft (he is a bit of a hussy!) has someone else on the side too and gets involved in trying to 'win' Mycroft
- Mycroft/Sherlock at the very least would make anon very content
- laugh out funny (although not totally cracky)
- if you can make it work with the HLV ending :-)

Original prompt:

Re: Reprompt from part 29: Moriarty vs. Sherlock, warning for Holmescest & all-around silliness

(Anonymous) 2014-04-23 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock is late

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 09:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Mycroft has a purse dog.

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
In his umbrella.

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-21 21:25 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 00:57 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 01:15 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 01:33 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 02:09 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 02:40 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 19:35 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 01:59 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 03:19 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 17:58 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 21:33 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 22:41 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 02:39 (UTC) - Expand

duty calls

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 09:19 pm (UTC)(link)
In the middle of chasing a criminal with Sherlock, they run past a recent traffic accident, and John turns back to help the seriously injured motorist while Sherlock keeps running and doesn't notice that John isn't there until it's too late.

Re: duty calls

(Anonymous) 2014-04-23 09:32 pm (UTC)(link)
ow, second

John/Mummy - John as Father/Stepfather

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 10:06 pm (UTC)(link)
John having an affair with an older woman who turns out to be Sherlock's Mummy; he finds out years later that he has a son
John marries Mummy and becomes stepfather of young Sherlock & Mycroft

Orphan Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 10:07 pm (UTC)(link)
John and Mary decide to foster/adopt Sherlock (and maybe even Mycroft) because Mary was an orphan and wants to save a child from the same painful experience.

Re: Orphan Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Is Sherlock a kid for this prompt, or are they adopting him as an adult?

Re: Orphan Sherlock

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 19:36 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Orphan Sherlock

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 02:14 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Orphan Sherlock

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-24 21:58 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Orphan Sherlock

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 20:08 (UTC) - Expand

John/Mycroft + Kid Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 10:09 pm (UTC)(link)
John gets into a relationship with an older Mycroft and helps him raise kid Sherlock; maybe helps mend their relationship or acts as a bridge.

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Molly is the only one who can save John's life.

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 12:23 am (UTC)(link)
oh seconded

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 22:27 (UTC) - Expand

Family Secrets

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Mummy and Daddy Holmes are vampires, but their kids aren't.

Re: Family Secrets

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 06:31 pm (UTC)(link)
I love this. Seconding!

crack crossover

(Anonymous) 2014-04-21 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock, John and Lestrade go to France following the trail of a criminal and must coordinate with the local authorities, and the French Inspector assigned to the case; Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

Re: crack crossover

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 01:32 am (UTC)(link)

Sherlock rides John, cock ring

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock rides John while wearing a cock ring.

He starts to fall apart over John, who just guides him up and down with his hands on Sherlock's hips.

When Sherlock can't take it any more and his movements start to stutter, John rolls them over and takes over, giving it to Sherlock hard and fast.

The result is explosive (no pun intended).

Bonus if Sherlock begs and cries.

Re: Sherlock rides John, cock ring

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 03:36 am (UTC)(link)
+1 !!!

Re: Sherlock rides John, cock ring

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 16:14 (UTC) - Expand

Orgasm denial, Sherlock/John, aftercare

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 12:24 am (UTC)(link)
John brings Sherlock close to orgasm several times, but doesn't allow him to go over the edge. (You can choose how John brings him to that place. Blow jobs, fingering, anilingus, anal beads (in combination with spanking?), placing a bullet vibration in Sherlock while sucking him off or eating out his arse, et cetera . . . maybe all of those if you're feeling ambitious. XD)

Either way, Sherlock slowly grows desperate. He begs, he pleads, he screams, he cries, he completely comes undone.

Only when he realises that Sherlock has reached a reasonable limit does John allow Sherlock to come.

Sherlock takes a while to come down, and John just cleans him up quickly and holds him the entire while, pressing kisses into his hair, rubbing his sides soothingly, et cetera.

Re: Orgasm denial, Sherlock/John, aftercare

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
*bullet vibrator

AutoCorrect hates me.

Re: Orgasm denial, Sherlock/John, aftercare

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 16:17 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Orgasm denial, Sherlock/John, aftercare

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 17:16 (UTC) - Expand

your biggest fan

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
People in Sherlock's world occasionally write fanfic of John's posts. Along with the usual porn and shipping, there is some casefic about cases that never happened.

Then some of those cases start happening.

Re: your biggest fan

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Ooooooooh, seconding!

Re: your biggest fan

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 23:33 (UTC) - Expand

Mycroft's health

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 12:55 am (UTC)(link)
Mycroft ignores all the obvious signs he sees in himself of heart trouble. Sherlock doesn't notice because Mycroft hides it and Sherlock's too busy ranting to care. John isn't around Mycroft regularly enough to notice. Lestrade is concerned Mycroft is under too much stress but doesn't think about heart conditions.

Then Mycroft has a cardiac episode, and everything changes.

Re: Mycroft's health

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 08:49 am (UTC)(link)

Re: Mycroft's health

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 20:37 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Mycroft's health

[identity profile] emily robbins - 2015-01-17 21:15 (UTC) - Expand

Sherlock gets sick but doesn't notice until he's close to collapse

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 01:24 am (UTC)(link)
In all of the hubbub surrounding a case, Sherlock doesn't notice he's ill until he's practically falling over.

He crashes. John has to take care of him.

Re: Sherlock gets sick but doesn't notice until he's close to collapse

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
seconding, because I wish elfkin's Winter's Solace would have continued. Now I doubt it ever will.

Sherlock's biggest fan . . . is Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
Inspired by the "Your Biggest Fan" prompt above . . .

Someone keeps posting links to Johnlock smut on John's blog.

It turns out Sherlock's the author.

+1 if he's really bad at it.

+10 if John discovers he's kinda turned on anyway.

+100 if he writes some back :-P

Re: Sherlock's biggest fan . . . is Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
I was thinking the same thing!


Re: Sherlock's biggest fan . . . is Sherlock

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 17:18 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Sherlock's biggest fan . . . is Sherlock

(Anonymous) - 2014-06-04 01:40 (UTC) - Expand

Sherlock likes Red Vines

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 04:41 am (UTC)(link)
He and John fight over which confection to have while watching a movie: Twizzlers or Red Vines.

Re: Sherlock likes Red Vines

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 07:40 am (UTC)(link)
Neither of those sweets are available in the UK tho?

Re: Sherlock likes Red Vines

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 08:23 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Sherlock likes Red Vines

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 13:03 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Sherlock likes Red Vines

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 13:06 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Sherlock likes Red Vines

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 19:55 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Sherlock likes Red Vines

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 21:23 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Sherlock likes Red Vines

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 21:40 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Sherlock likes Red Vines

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-23 18:00 (UTC) - Expand

Post-Reichenbach, Unrepentant Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
So, Sherlock spends 2 years on the run, hunting down Moriarty's people, and living in constant terror that he'll slip up and get John and the others killed.

When he finally returns, malnourished and exhausted and with more than a little PTSD he is dismayed to find that everyone is pissed at him. You know, all the usual Post-Reichenbach fic stuff, everyone keeps telling him he was wrong, John punches him, Lestrade won't talk to him, Mycroft's insistent that Sherlock should have trusted him, etc. And poor Sherlock keeps trying to explain himself to people who refuse to listen.

Finally one day he breaks down (preferably in public) and starts screaming at John et al about how they're all ungrateful bastards, and he did it to save them, and do they really think he'd have put himself though Hell if he thought for one second that he had any other options?

H/C and massive guilt trips ensue as everyone realizes that maybe their treatment of Sherlock lately has been a bit not good.


Re: Post-Reichenbach, Unrepentant Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2014-04-23 09:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes! All of this!

John/Sherlock. Mycroft tries to be a matchmaker.

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 08:35 am (UTC)(link)
Mycroft decides that it's been a while since he did something really good for his baby brother. He thinks they've already drifted apart enough and he wants it to change. He can see that Sherlock has fallen really hard for John, and while others can't see Sherlock suffering about that fact, Mycroft knows him too well. Sherlock has absolutely no experience with love and relationships like this. And John keeps dating women and saying that he's not gay.

Mycroft decides to interfere and make sure his little brother is happy, so he secretly plays a matchmaker for them.

Not only it doesn't go well, but he nearly ends up ruining their friendship, too. While John has no idea why it's happening, Sherlock realises that it's Mycroft to blame. Sherlock breaks down really hard, cries and yells at Mycroft that he ruins everything and wants to take everything Sherlock loves from him.

Appalled, Mycroft tries his best to make things right.

And, in the end, he finally does. Happy John/Sherlock ending, please.

If there's sex, please top!John.

+ Mycroft asks Mummy's advice a couple of times.

Re: John/Sherlock. Mycroft tries to be a matchmaker.

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 12:15 pm (UTC)(link)
This is adorable.

I want it. No, I need this.


Re: John/Sherlock. Mycroft tries to be a matchmaker.

(Anonymous) - 2014-04-22 21:22 (UTC) - Expand

Moriarty is a Barbie Girl in the Barbie world

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 12:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

Crack? Yes. Please.

Sherlock survived the fall by having some of the particles in his body replaced with Flubber

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 01:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, I don't even know any more.

Re: Sherlock survived the fall by having some of the particles in his body replaced with Flubber

(Anonymous) 2014-04-23 10:29 pm (UTC)(link)
There's going to be a real mess when he excretes them later.

Mycroft thinks he controls the British Government; he's wrong

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Someone else is secretly running the show, machinating in the background, and even Mycroft doesn't know.

(But 'Anthea' does.)

John/Sherlock. Sherlock is more unusual than everybody thinks. Virgin!Sherlock, top!John

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Sherlock is in love with John, but John doesn't feel the same or rather doesn't allow himself to feel the same. It makes Sherlock really upset, because he's never been this close to anybody, never needed relationships of that sort, but now that he actually wants it, he can't have the only person he wants. Emotions are hard for him, so he reacts accordingly.

One day, after another one of John's dates, Sherlock snaps and asks if it's because John thinks that Sherlock doesn't have a vagina he won't look at him. Of course it's not about that, John is better than that. During the angry argument Sherlock reveals that he actually does have a vagina, just like he's got a penis. After that he goes into his bedroom and angrily slams his door.

Later, when Sherlock is no longer angry, just upset with himself and with the whole situation, John carefully asks him if it's true that he has female genitalia along with male parts.

Sherlock ends up showing him that, indeed, behind his testicles he's got a vagina (preferably, he goes at John's work and allows John to thoroughly examine him, as thoroughly as his virgin parts allow without hurting him). Nobody has ever touched him there (or anywhere down there for that matter), and John's touch is... interesting and arousing.

Now, except for Sherlock's family, John is the only one who knows Sherlock's secret. This alone, sharing a secret this intimate, draws John closer to Sherlock, not just because of unusual parts, but because of all parts he can have if he wants to, and Sherlock trusts him with his body and everything else.

Happy John/Sherlock, please, and John taking Sherlock's virginity (both holes, please ;) ).

Up to a filler if Sherlock's female organs are functional enough to menstruate and bear children.

Re: John/Sherlock. Sherlock is more unusual than everybody thinks. Virgin!Sherlock, top!John

(Anonymous) 2014-04-22 04:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Interesting prompt!