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Prompting Part XXXVII

This is the new prompting post for the Sherlock Prompting Meme. Prompts from LJ can still be filled there with links here or filled here in the new overflow post.


  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.

  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Please do not re-post prompts unless the last time they were prompted was on an older part. Simply put: ONE posting of each prompt per part.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

When you fill a prompt, please use the appropriate Filled Prompts Post to archive your fill (there are instructions on the actual post).

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Do not be afraid to ask questions about how it works if you are confused! The mods will be happy to explain.

Please consider warning for prompts that may trigger people (and also for fills, because some people read in flat view) and phrasing prompts in a manner that strives to be respectful.

Things which you might want to consider warning for include: Rape/Non-Con, Death, Suicidal Thoughts, Self-Harm, Underage Relationships, among others.

That being said, this is a kink meme. As such, there will be prompts that could offend you in a number of different ways. Not every prompt will have a trigger warning, and not every prompt will rub you the right way. If you have an issue with a specific prompt, feel free to bring it up in a discussion that takes place off the meme. However, flaming will not be tolerated regardless of origin.

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Re: The Docile Omega 2/2 part e

(Anonymous) 2016-06-30 01:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Suddenly a copious flow of slick started leaking out from the relaxed sphincter, slowly dribbling down the omega’s straining inner thighs and sack.

“Oh, I think it opened finally!” The doctor said, extracting the vibrator and switching it off. Even more slick escaped from the hole without its obstruction.

“Now would be the moment when the alpha would turn you supine for a better access, and force his huge cock up your vaginal canal, and stuff your womb full to the brim with his fertile semen.”

The omega sobered instantly, freezing from head to toes with a big, startled gasp leaving his mouth wide open.

Dr. Watson’s finger re-entered the rim, going straight away to seek its reward between the two puffy labia, the slick abetting him in his sudden defiling of the never touched slit. The finger speared it through and sank in till the second knuckle, clasped inside by the most exquisite vicious grip. The omega was mewling and tightening even more, stunned at the unexpected and abrupt feeling of fullness in such an unfamiliar place.

“Oh clever Kitty! For being such a big omega you have a seriously petite and lovely pussy.” It wasn’t the virginity thing only, this omega really was in the small sized category. Such a prize.

”You are lucky to spend your first heats here. An alpha would have wreaked havoc on it.” Dr. Watson pulled the finger completely out and added a second one alongside it, straightway re-entering the rim and briskly scissoring it open. The omega shallow breathing let out little mewls of distress. “Do not worry, in a couple more sessions we’ll train it till it’ll be pliable enough to take even an alpha cock without the slightest trouble.”

Pleased with his work on the rim, the doctor switched to rub and play with the very sensitive, velvetry labia. The omega splayed his knees more, and was torn between seeking more internal contact with his pelvis movements and rubbing his groin on the wedge. Dr. Watson managed re-pull the omega’s almost forgotten balls away from his body, just in time to interrupt another vain attempt from the omega’s penis to spend itself too soon. The omega whined in frustration. He was so overwhelmed as to already be way beyond verbal capacity.

The doctor’s fingertips settled on the pulsing slit and began to put more pressure on it, pushing in firmly and spreading it apart once inside, compelling the narrow passage to submit to a more substantial breaching than before. The vigorous two fingers fucking prepared the lower end of the vagina canal to better make way for the knotting pump that would soon follow.

He reluctantly pulled out of that delightful silky pussy as the omega’s breathing had become too overworked. Now was the time to stuff the omega full of synthetic alpha pseudo-semen and break his heat.

From the doctor’s point of view, the omega was the image of obscenity: his toes curled, flushed ass cheeks held parted, pucker filled by the doctor still slightly pumping fingers, slick drenching it all. Half of the omega’s face was smashed on the padding, his profile revealed a closed eyed, slack jawed expression.