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4th-Jun-2015 06:08 pm - FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kink meme?
What is a prompt freeze (and when do they occur)?
What’s the meme’s policy on underage prompts and fills?
Is RPF allowed?
Things that we appreciate.
     Nesting your fills
     Titling your fills
     Using subject lines
What are RTYIs and when are they appropriate?
What is the meme’s policy on spoilers?
What is hijacking?
What is kinkshaming?
What is flaming?

‘Why can’t I see my post?’ or ‘Why was my post deleted?’
What happened to my formatting?

How do I post a prompt?
How often can I prompt?
Why are people ‘claiming’ prompts?

How do I post a fill?
I’m interested in filling a prompt, but it’s from one of the older/full parts.
What happens if a prompting post reaches 9500 comments and I’m not done posting my WIP?
I filled a prompt, but it has not been added to the FPP yet. What do I do?
Can I fill my own prompt?
A fill seems to have been abandoned. Can I take over and fill it instead?
Where can I find a beta?

CLARIFYING ASPECTS OF FANDOM (I keep seeing ______. What is _______?):
What is Omegaverse?
People often write ‘Mycroft says X’ in their posts. What does it mean?
What’s with Anderson and the dinosaurs?
What’s with John and Jam?
What is the Wotsits theory?
What’s with Sherlock’s shirt-buttons?
What’s the origin of John’s red pants?
Who is Hamish?
Why does everyone keep implying that Mycroft has a carnal relationship with cake?
What is this otter thing?
What is this hedgehog thing?

Useful acronyms
Useful HTML
     Spoiler cuts
     Inserting an image
     Typeface formatting
There are so many good prompts! How can I keep track of them?
My question has not been answered here, what should I do?

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