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Re: ?

My problems with it are:

1. People who post there in general.
2. Content. Misinformation about pretty much everything, "facts" taken out of somebody's arse (Also, "Social Warriors", who won't admit that, for example, discrimination works both ways and things like that should be in every blog even if it's not what you come there for).
3. Mass stupidity from time to time (basically, counts as people, too).
4. Fandom wars you can't avoid even when you want to avoid them like black plague.

I used to visit the site sometimes a couple of years ago and often realised that I want nothing to do with it (long, ridiculous and pointless essays about why people "should" hate Mary or Irene ruin my fun in the fandom). I've been there recently (a month or so ago), only once, trying to find one particular fan art in various sherlockians' blogs. One of the first (and the last before closing the window) things I saw was a group of hateful, jealous fangirls, who spread idiotic, humiliating conspiracy theories and rant about Benedict Cumberbatch and his personal life, insult his new family and wish ill things to his wife and his baby.

AO3 has tags, and plenty of stuff you dislike can be avoided, kink memes have rules. Tumblr has nothing like that. Just lots of widely reposted and reblogged rubbish.
Maybe tumblr is good for advertising something (for example, asking the owner of a popular blog with many followers to make an announcement in their blog), but, sorry, I can't be a part of what I've listed above, which is just my personal opinion you may agree or disagree with.

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