Someone wrote in [personal profile] sherlockbbc_fic 2013-12-15 06:48 pm (UTC)

What have been revealed so far...

Not much, unfortunately. Here's what we have:

People seem very secretive this time around, but here's a summary of what I found.

- There's more Anderson than normal.
- The reunion is funny, sad, and then funny again.
- There's a nod to the "Sherlock Lives" movement.
- We find out how Sherlock did it, but apparently it isn't crystal clear.
- There are a lot of Sherlock/John moments.
- Molly has a bigger role than in previous episodes.
- There are terrorists, and they're not portrayed in a gross or racist way.
- Mary is sweet and funny.
- One of the best moments of the episode will delight Sherlock/Moriarty fans.
- Mary doesn't like John's facial hair! (Bit of script here:
- Moriarty is dead, but figures in the episode.
- Sherlock and John don't hug, but there's a big moment between the two that's really sweet.
- Molly doesn't date Sherlock.
- Someone (not John) hugs Sherlock.
- There are terribly sad and heart-wrenching moments.


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