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Prompting Part XXXVII

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Protective!Lestrade pays John a visit and lets him know how he feels about him beating Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2017-01-23 11:45 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm still pissed about the whole beating scene. Sherlock was in such a terrible mental and physical state and John still proceeded to beat him to a pulp (fucking mofftiss). So I just want a character to be as angry as I am on Sherlock's behalf. Hence this prompt.

After Culverton's confession Greg pays Sherlock a visit to check if he's alright and to thank him for catching the serial killer. But then sees his face, and is properly horrified. Sherlock dismisses the whole thing as no big deal because obviously he thinks he deserved it. But see, Greg doesn't fucking thinks so, thank you very much.

So he pays John a visit. And proceeds to punch him right in the face. Imagine the force of the entire Johnlock fandom behind that punch if you need to visualized how furious Greg is.

Re: Protective!Lestrade pays John a visit and lets him know how he feels about him beating Sherlock

(Anonymous) 2017-03-15 12:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Greg jogged the familiar, seventeen-step jog to the upper flat at 221 Baker Street. Greg was relieved to know that Sherlock’s apparent relapse ought to be finally over, since John had said it was all to get admitted to Smith's hospital and catch him. Greg rapped smartly on the door to 221B’s living room and waited, expecting to be greeted with an unkempt-but-intact Sherlock.

The door opened, and Lestrade found himself going still as he stared.

Sherlock’s scruffy, ginger-y beard did nothing to hide the bruise his face his become. His nose seemed swollen - Sherlock was breathing through his split-lipped mouth. One eye was a dark purple and swollen shut.

“Go on, Lestrade,” he sighed, voice nasally. “Do you need something from me?”

“You - You never gave a statement. I hate to bother you when you’re sobering up, but I - have to. Sherlock - John just said he hit you hard, not that he beat the shit out of you!” Lestrade hissed. Sherlock started to roll his eyes, but abandoned the motion when it pulled at his black and swollen eye.

“It’s hardly beating the shit out of me, Graham.” This time Greg saw through it - designed to piss him off, push him away.

“Then what do you call it?” Greg snapped.

“Are you actually here for anything?”

“To thank you and to get your statement! And here can be part of your statement - if he didn’t beat the shit out of you, what would you say he did?”

“Exact justice.” Sherlock’s voice was strange. Confrontational and tired all at once. “You’ll hear all about it in the statement. Do you want it or not?”

Greg silently nodded and Sherlock opened the door wider to let him into the flat properly.


John scrubbed a tired hand over his face as he finally gently closed Rosie’s door behind him, baby monitor in hand. He couldn’t believe how tired he was, although he shouldn’t be surprised after being fucking manipulated into yet another case. He couldn’t deny it had felt kind of good, though, to be running around and to have been an integral part of Sherlock’s plans, even with a hallucination dogging his every step. He froze when there was a harsh knock at the door, and he hurried to answer it before it could wake Rosie.

John didn’t even get time to identify his guest before a fist connected hard with John’s face. He was too dazed to take inventory of whether it had merely bruised or if it had broken anything. Blinking hard from his new position on the floor, he looked up at the guest. A coldness ran through him. He was pretty sure he had seen that look on Greg’s face before, but always aimed at suspects, at people across an interrogation room. Never directed directly at him. He tried to speak, to say anything, but a jolt of pain made him realize, quite suddenly, that he was fairly certain his jaw was broken.

“I used to think you were good for him. That you’d make him the good man we talked about,” Greg said, voice chillingly level. “And I didn’t blame you for finding Mary, though I thought you were going a bit overboard, making him your best man. But it’s not like you were cutting him out of your life, so I couldn’t find anything to say. And then he got shot, and it was her - Mycroft told me it was her, told me that Sherlock wasn’t planning to press charges for some godforsaken reason. Now forgive me if I’m a bit fuzzy on the bits between that and the Thatcher case - it’s not as though anybody sees fit to keep me in the goddamn loop! He did as well as could be expected, with Moriarty supposedly out there, with you having a baby and cementing the idea that he wasn’t family to you. And at the end of it all, I thought you were entitled to your grief. Maybe I’m just as culpable in this for thinking you didn’t really mean it when you said ‘you did this’, that you’d snap out of it. But the look on his face, John - he watched the love of his life lose the love of theirs and then blame him for it. What the hell did you think, John, that he shot her?”

John’s eyes flashed and he tried to clench his jaw. A soft grunt of pain emerged instead.

Lestrade stood stock still, staring in disbelief. “And you never thought to ask us? We were there the whole bloody time, John! More of it than you were, at least! He didn’t shoot her! He didn’t even do anything unusual! He was deducing the way he always does, but it was the worst version - the compulsive one, where he couldn’t stop even if he knew it might be dangerous for him. Mary warned him, and I think he heard it, but he couldn’t stop! He had to get it all out! So that batty old woman - she almost went quietly - but then she pulled her gun out. Do you want to know what Sherlock said to me, when he gave his statement?” Lestrade hissed, stepping over the threshold, leaning down into his personal space. “He said ‘Don’t look like that, Lestrade. I miscalculated. After what happened at Magnussen’s office, and the hospital, and the empty houses, I estimated that she didn’t care whether I lived or died. I even suspected she preferred me dead’.” Some part of John could fill in hesitations where Lestrade left none in his retelling, that Sherlock would say it all haltingly, as though ashamed of having been wrong, scared of being wrong again. “He said, ‘I never thought she cared about me enough to help me live, so I didn’t think it would be necessary to brace myself so I couldn’t be pushed. If I’d known, I would’ve braced myself. I would’ve kept my vow’.

“The pain you put him through....Blaming him for the death of someone he cared about, if only because he cared about you. Removing yourself from his life. Taking Rosie out of his life. Letting him lose his closest family in one fell swoop and not even having the decency to tell him to his face?!” Lestrade shouted. “Be glad I only broke your jaw, John Watson. I could’ve done so much more. I should’ve done so much more. Remember this, the next time you ever think about blaming Sherlock for something he didn’t do. Remember he has people who actually care about him.”

And without another word, Lestrade turned around, and walked away.

Re: Protective!Lestrade pays John a visit and lets him know how he feels about him beating Sherlock

[personal profile] 10moonymhrivertam 2017-03-17 01:06 am (UTC)(link)
When I posted this I'd forgotten my password but I'm here to claim it now. ^_^