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Prompting Part XXXVII

This is the new prompting post for the Sherlock Prompting Meme. Prompts from LJ can still be filled there with links here or filled here in the new overflow post.


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Re: The Docile Omega 1/2 part f

(Anonymous) 2016-05-18 04:03 pm (UTC)(link)
“Blood pressure in line with the heat standards, good. Now let me listen to your heart” He put the stethoscope resonator first on one flushed pectoral then on the other. The heart was jack-rabbiting, wild with a mixture of hormones and nerves. A little on the fast side, but nothing too much out of the ordinary for the state the omega was in. It was also to be taken into account that cat-people hearts ran faster than humans ones did. “Mm… good.” He was mindful to brush one finger a little over an already pebbled nipple, before removing the resonator and putting away the instrument .

“Now cross your hands behind your head. Elbows open.” The omega complied, eyes questioning a little.

Dr. Watson started to palpate under both armpits. “Close your eyes and tell me if you feel any ache where I touch.” Both hands very soon came over to massage inquisitive the omega pectorals, circling but still not coming too close to the pretty nipples. Hands started cupping the muscles, both thumb pads coming up to barely graze the nubs and as soon as they did, to press on and start a slow circular rubbing motion. Goose bumps raised first over the omega chest and quickly expanding over all his body. His breathes becoming increasingly labored, perspiration conspicuous, ass furiously rubbing down on the padding of the table.

“What a good kitty you are. So obedient!”. At this the omega started to purr gently, closed eyelashes fluttering over his cheeks. Meanwhile the fingers teasing began a vigorous to and fro playing with the nubs, randomly intercalated with a bit of thumbnails scratching. Seeing as after a couple of minutes of this the omega was beginning to get used to the stimulation he decided to add a little bit more to the mix, he captured the nipples between thumb and forefinger and pinched.

A loud sight matched with a full body shudder escaped the omega. A tiny moan followed soon after. “I think… I’m not… What…” The doctor pinched them harder and pulled one, two, three times. Another shudder, this time followed by a much big moan which was stifled halfway, and the omega back was arching in his silent first orgasm, eyes and mouth wide open in surprise, hands still stretched behind his head.

“So I dare to say that your nipples are highly sensitive!? Such an eager kitty.” Announced a little mockingly.

The omega looked away abashed.

Dr. Watson reached to remove the now soiled gown, but the omega in a flash was pressing it hard on his groin with his right hand, and trying quite wobbly and without much success to spring up from the examination table. “No! I’m…”

“Lie down still!” He commanded, gently pushing him down by the shoulders. “What’s the matter?” He asked solicitous.

Shamefaced and sniffing a little the omega responded: “I… I wetted myself a little.” At the doctor puzzled look he added: “…from my penis.”

“You peed yourself?” He asked searching with his eyes for the signs of it on the table.

“No! The other kind of fluids. The one that sometimes come out during sleep.” Understanding, Dr. Watson eyebrow shot up, both trying to reach his hairline. “Mrs. Hudson says it’s a signal that I’m growing from a boy to a man.” He added a little hesitant.

“Mrs. Hudson is right, but it’s not only during sleep…” Goddess, this omega was REALLY naïve and ignorant in certain matters. He thanked the white coat for concealing under it his perking up erection, such extraordinary fact stirred up.

“Let me show you! Put your hands back behind your head.” The omega complied, expression still unsure.

He quickly cleared out the gown soiled by the omega’s sterile come, and binned it. “I fear that was the last gown I had in your size. We’ll do without.”

He took a couple more moments to better survey the still panting sleek body lying rigid in front of him: flush spotted alabaster skin and long fine limbs that leaded to a dainty penis laying already half hard in a dark nest of curly hairs.

“Sure you are still rather a lot keyed up, maybe it already opened…?!”

Suddenly hooking a hand behind the omega left knee, raising and splaying the leg, he peeked between the wiry creamy thighs. The pink delectable anus now was exposed for the first time to a stranger eyes, glazed in slick. A few drops of it pooled on the padding too. “Ah! No…” The omega cried. A twitch from the pucker and immediately it was contracting in shame, knee spasming with the instinct to shield its sight.

“Ok no. Too little juices under there. We are almost there but still have time to finish the preparatory physical.” Stating so, he set down the confined leg, which straight off went to re-cross with the other one.