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Prompting Part XXXVII

This is the new prompting post for the Sherlock Prompting Meme. Prompts from LJ can still be filled there with links here or filled here in the new overflow post.


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Re: The Docile Omega 1/2 part b

(Anonymous) 2016-05-17 11:51 pm (UTC)(link)
"Ok, now let's check the medical records of... “Sherlock”, right?" Dr. Watson waited for the confirmation nod from Mrs. Hudson and then started clicking and scrolling through the data on the monitor. "Male, Omega, Eighteen years old, almost nineteen... A bit of a later bloomer, I see."

Seeing the predictable questions already forming on Mrs. Hudson mouth, he immediately added: "Nothing to worry about, I even saw nineteen-twenty years old omegas start their heats without a single hitch." He was pleased to see that his words smoothed the light frowns that his previous comment caused in both owner and omega.

A two/three years delayed presenting was quite common for the rare omegas on the tall side like Sherlock.

"All vaccinations done, and no particular allergies or diseases reported till now. Very good!" He gladly pointed up. “Now, can you tell me about the progress of his presenting till now? Do you know how many hours ago did it started?”

She gathered her thoughts a moment before starting her recount. “I found his behavior changed from his usual since the day before yesterday. He became continually tired, snappish and a bit watery eyed. I didn’t worry much cause I thought he was coming down with a cold”

“Understandable.” He remarked.

“This morning I found him in his bed, grindings his hindquarters on the mattress, the backside of his pajama bottoms a bit wet from slick.” The omega’s shoulder slumped behind her. “So I immediately called the clinic to take an appointment.”

“I was really worried when I noticed he was not up. Usually he wakes long before I do. I’m glad it was nothing bad. That It’s only my little kitten growing up.” said Mrs. Hudson joyously, dabbing surreptitiously with a handkerchief at the corners of her eyes. Noticing it, Sherlock reached out to comfort her, putting one of his fine boned hands on the woman right shoulder and gently squeezing.

What she said, together with what he could see of the omega current appearance and behavior, confirmed to the doctor that the presenting heat was still at a beginning stage. There was plenty of time, no need to rush.

“Well, before we are getting up, do you have any questions?”

“Yes.” She said, and immediately added eager: “I have read some worrisome articles advising against heat suppressants. I didn’t mean to use them even before reading about it, since I already knew that the physiological way is better for omegas. Even so, can you confirm these warnings about suppressants?”

"You are quite right! Suppressants should be used very sparingly or none at all. Only when oneself can't do otherwise. They tend to accumulate in the body and give very nasty side effects on the long run. Liver and kidneys failure above all."

Ascertaining that she didn’t have other questions for him, he stood up, and with fast paces crossed the room to the linens closet. Rummaging a little inside it, he pulled out an oversized hospital gown that should fit the tall omega size. Handing the white gown to the omega, he commanded him to strip and put it on.

“You can keep on your pants, for now.” He tried to help, seeing him completely frozen from the previous command, hand still on Mrs. Hudson shoulder.

"When he isn’t doing his “deduction” thing, he is quite a shy kitty around strangers,. May you give us a bit of privacy, please?" Mrs. Hudson asked.

"Sure. No problem." He turned on his heel and leaved the room, not before he had noticed that in the meanwhile the omega face was turning a loud shade of crimson.