Someone wrote in [personal profile] sherlockbbc_fic 2015-02-07 09:32 pm (UTC)

John/Sherlock. BDSM. Desperation, Enemas. Dom!John, Sub!Sherlock

Sherlock has done something "a bit no good" at all. Maybe he was rude to Mrs Hudson, maybe during one of their cases he was unnecessarily rude to a witness/a victim's family/anybody else, or maybe he has put his life to an unnecessary risk, tried to take a dubious substance, was craving drugs. Anything, really, even if it's all of above.

John, as his Dom, has no choice but punish him.

He strips Sherlock naked and gives him an enema (bonus if the water is warm and very soapy, to make the urge and discomfort stronger). When it seems Sherlock's body can't take any more water into his bum and it's just too much, John plugs it with a butt plug to keep the water inside. Apart from that, he makes Sherlock drink a lot of water. John allows him to take a break when he gets nauseous, but still makes him drink more and more.

Very soon Sherlock really needs to pee. His bum is extremely full as well, his stomach feels like it's about to burst, but, despite the begging, John doesn't let him use the loo, as a punishment. Crying is okay.

Maybe Sherlock can't take it any longer and pees himself, so John has to repeat the whole thing once more. If Sherlock finds it hard to swallow water after some time, John uses a nasogastric tube (which doesn't mean he has to be violent. He's a doctor, he knows how to do things like that carefully).

Aftercare would be great. Maybe, once Sherlock is better after relieving himself, when John finally allows him to, and resting, he gets rewarded with sex.

It can be a BDSM-Verse, where everybody is either a Dom or a Sub, or it's just between the two of them.

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