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6th-Aug-2011 10:11 am - Story Announcement Post
sherlockbbc_fic: (Default)
This post is specifically for announcing your new stories and linking to them off-meme (be that your own journal, AO3,, tumblr, etc.). These stories do not have to be responses to prompts from this meme.

Don't post stories here, just links to them. And it has to be your story, this isn't a spot for recs.

One story per comment, please, for the ease of delicious tagging. (Similarly, if you post the first part of WIP, make subsequent announcements of new parts as replies to the original comment.)

If you want a standard header, I've got one below, but feel free to modify or disregard it completely as you wish.

To address searchability, I'm creating and maintaing a delicious account for fics posted here. Here:

Questions? Concerns? Ask on the Page-a-Mod post.

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