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Overflow Post III

This post is for responding to prompts from prompt posts that are full (or were on LJ), or continuing WIPs that were started on prompt posts that have since filled up or are close to full (or were on LJ).

Please link to the original prompt thread, as well as posting the actual prompt and any necessary warnings in the post here.

This post is only for filling prompts from prompting parts with over 9500 comments. If there are fewer than 9500 comments, continue to use the prompt post itself instead. Fills for prompts that were posted on LiveJournal before the meme's migration are also permitted here. In addition, this is not a post for new prompts.

Any questions or requests for clarification, please ask them on the page-a-mod thread.

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Sherlock ideas and Sherlock x Harry Potter crossover ideas

(Anonymous) 2016-01-16 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
Here are somne ideas/challenges for you!
Please post them on fanfiction[ point]net.

Would you write a story?

A Sherlock story where the characters are watching the BBC Sherlock series.
Or a person( this world) goes into their world. /or they come into this world.

A Sherlock x Harry Potter crossover where Sherlock rescues harry and adopts him or finds out he's his biological son.
Or they meet 3rd year after he run off.
Or Sherlock finds him on the doorstep ( dursleys)
Or they abandoned the doorstepbaby in London's street. Where the homeless network brings him to Sherlock.