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Part 37 Page 13

1. Sherlock gets raped. Moriarty gets revenge for him.
2. Mycroft, Sherlock, other- Memories, h/c, angst, past-torture. The third Holmes brother was a pure sadist.
3. Sherlock refuses to see any Doctor but John.
4. John or Lestrade/Mycroft. Mycroft's idea of asking someone out on a date is having the person kidnapped and brought to a restaurant.
5. When they were younger, their parents made Mycroft feel responsible for everything bad that happened to Sherlock.
6. Sherlock panics every time he's about to orgasm.
7. Game of Thrones crossover. Sherlock and Mycroft are the reincarnated Renly and Stannis, respectively.
8. There's another criminal out there and Moriarty is not pleased that he's been paying visits to Sherlock.
9. Lestrade/Sherlock- Say My Name, BDSM. Lestrade won't let Sherlock come until the consulting detective gets Lestrade's first name right.
10. Jim raped John before Sherlock arrived at the pool.
11. Mary is Sebastian Moran's twin sister. Mary is raped by Jim; Sebastian blames John.
12. Childhood rape. Sherlock's uncle took his virginity.
13. John's wanted to throw Sherlock a surprise party for years. Naturally, he's never been able to. This year, though, he finally succeeds.
14. John, Lestrade, Sherlock- Credit Where Credit is Due, fluff.
15. Sherlock left clues that he was alive for his friends. They didn't notice.
16. John is the third Holmes brother. Mycroft had false memories implanted to give him a new life.
17. John swears; Sherlock experiments.
18. Johnlock. Funny/laughing and aborted/fail sex + completely killed mood.
19. Autistic!Sherlock, sensory issues, helpful John.
20. Mycroft doesn't believe Sherlock has been raped.
21. Donovan and Sherlock went to school together. She bullied Sherlock.
22. Mummy Holmes is a malignant narcissist and tries to slowly poison Sherlock to death. Mycroft to the rescue!
23. Mycroft is not Sherlock's brother. He is his stalker.
24. Sherlock has to choose between saving John or Mary and the baby.
25. Omegaverse Warstan, Voyeur Sherlock.

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