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Part 37 Page 10

1. Mycroft must refuse to help Sherlock in order to save his life.
2. Sherlock can see ghosts. John is able to make them disappear.
3. Omegaverse AU, Ace Sherlock/beta John.
4. Mycroft has an embarrassing middle name.
5. Established Johnlock, John thinks Sherlock is sentimental (in his own way).
6. Sherlock sitting on John's face, with John being totally in control and eating his arse out.
7. Mycroft had heart surgery and didn't think Sherlock would care.
8. John/Sherlock (unresolved?). John/Mary. John doesn't trust Mary and never will trust her again.
9. John/Sherlock (unrequited?), Sherlock&OMC. Heartbroken, Sherlock hires an actor to be his 'John'.
10. TRF AU - John gets arrested after leaving the hospital, and is told about Sherlock's suicide by Sally.
11. Established relationship, Dom!John coaches Sub!Sherlock to fuck him.
12. Johnlock - John realises Sherlock's past history of rape and/or abusive relationship.
13. Established Relationship: John has a Reichenbach flashback and needs comfort.
14. Sherlock watches his own rape and torture video over and over again in secrecy.
15. Jim/Sherlock- Somethings Never Change, Doctor Who crossover, angst, h/c. Jim and Sherlock are the latest forms of the Doctor and Master.
16. John has moved back in and occasionally accidentally triggers Sherlock's PTSD.
17. John and Sherlock throw the Yard's betting pool on when they'll get together.
18. Mystrade: Lestrade likes Mycroft's freckles.
19. Moriarty/Sherlock/John A/B/O Verse, Alphas Sherlock and Moriarty share Omega John as he goes through his heat.
20. Sherlock discovers Tumblr; takes it as dating advice.
21. Sherlock is cursed a la fairytale AU, and goes about trying to break it 'scientifically'.
22. John/Sherlock. A/B/O or MPreg. Angst, because people don't believe Sherlock's children are his own.
23. Sherlock thinks everyone is an idiot because they're too distracted by his beauty to function.
24. CAM/Sherlock. Non-Con. Alcohol Enema. Bottle-fucking. Humiliation. Magnussen pours alcohol into Sherlock's bottom by inserting the neck of a bottle.
25. Corporal punishment, School spanking with Sherlock embarrassing the spanker.

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