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Part 37 Page 9

1. Doctor Who Crossover/Character Swap. Recreate An Unearthly Child set in the Sherlock 'Verse.
2. Corpse Bride AU- possible John/Sherlock/Mary.
3. John the Ripper.
4. Sherlock in Florida is totally out of his element.
5. John's reaction to seeing Sherlock's scars while he's incapacitated in hospital/resting at home.
6. Sherlock feels quite depressed after TEH, all through TSoT and specially HLV.
7. Angst. After Mary's gone, John and Sherlock enjoy a good romp. Sherlock thinks it's something serious, John sees it as a rebound shag.
8. Octo!John/Merman!Sherlock tentacled sex.
9. Mycroft saves Druggie!Sherlock from bad decisions.
10. Dark!Mycroft wants his baby brother back.
11. Omega!Sherlock is legally required to have a child. He obtains what he believes is a dead soldier's sperm. When he finds out the father of his child is not dead, he snoops.
12. Before being forced into an arranged bond, Omega!Sherlock had a one night fling with John, who turned out to be his intended Alpha.
13. Sherlock leaves the wedding in TSOT and decides to visit Sholto in the hospital. They become friends with benefits. John is jealous.
14. John first meets Omega!Sherlock as a pregnant druggie.
15. Sherlock/Old Kingdom Crossover. The whole gang transplanted into the Old Kingdom world.
16. Teen!John is somehow taken in by adult!Sherlock. Eventually they end up in a relationship.
17. John/Sherlock. Omega!Sherlock, Alpha!John. A/B/O. Wetting. Omegas wet themselves.
18. Dark themes. Alpha!Mycroft buys Omega!Lestrade.
19. Moriarty drugs Lestrade's doughnuts with barbiturates over some time in order to induce a withdrawal syndrome.
20. John/Sherlock Priest AU featuring a terrified (and quickly pious after Sherlock's arrival) parish.
21. Stamford/Mycroft. John/Sherlock was a test; Stamford's ready to make his own move.
22. Succubus!Sherlock feeds off of John.
23. Johnlock fluff.
24. NCIS crossover. Tony was raised by the Holmes family.
25. Sherlock suffers from Athazagoraphobia, the fear of being forgotten or ignored, and the person he's most scared to lose is John.

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