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Part 37 Page 8

1. A half-asleep Sherlock asks John whether he intends to rape him too.
2. The only way Sherlock can fake a "real" relationship with Janine is to pretend he's dating John.
3. Due to some traumatic event Sherlock becomes childlike.
4. After Reichenbach John suffered Broken Heart Syndrome. Sherlock finds out and loses his shit a tad.
5. Dubcon Holmescest. After rehab doesn't work, Mycroft kidnaps Sherlock and conditions him to associate drugs with having sex with him.
6. Harry Potter crossover. Sherlock raises Harry.
7. Sherlock can only solve crimes when he's high, so Scotland Yard keeps getting him to take drugs.
8. Character death. Sherlock and Mary don't rescue John from the bonfire.
9. Sherlock/Bill Wiggins (+ background one-sided Johnlock).
10. Sherlock is sexually attracted to John and Mary's daughter.
11. Mycroft has a history of bulimia and Sherlock is a dick about it.
12. John's huge cock is the elephant in the room. Sherlock meets it.
13. Mary gets de-aged. Sherlock and John have to look after her.
14. Molly bribed Jim to come out of hiding and save Sherlock at the end of season 3, and paid for it by giving her body over to Jim for whatever he wanted.
15. John unknowingly shoots Mary in HLV.
16. A drugged out Alpha!Sherlock raped and bonded Omega!John in university. Five years later, Mike introduces them again.
17. Moriarty chases down Harry Potter and Dr. Frankenstein.
18. Sherlock is moderately hypothermic for whatever reason you prefer, and John must snuggle half naked with him to try to give him a little of body heat.
19. John felching Sherlock.
20. Mycroft and Anthea are best friends.
21. Lestrade is a handsy drunk. He goes drinking with John.
22. Anthea gets her head shaved.
23. Any of the girls gets a forced masculinization.
24. Moriarty being in a band and gigging while running his evil empire.
25. Sally is to Sherlock what Anthea is to Mycroft.

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