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Part 37 Page 3

1. Sherrinford was the name of Mycroft's imaginary friend when he was little. Mycroft has kept up "Sherrinford"'s identity as a cover for his own activities and to give himself and Sherlock more freedom.
2. Sherlock/Orphan Black fusion. Sherlock finds out he's a clone and the subject of a secret experiment.
3. Sherlock&Mycroft. Catlock or Slavery AU. Abuse. Angst. Sherlock was Mycroft's pet.
4. Mummy and Sherlock. Sherlock is adopted. Child Abuse, Neglect. Trauma. Mental Breakdown.
5. John/Sherlock's twin brother. It's Sherlock's twin instead of Mary, Angst.
6. Sherlock/John. John misses out on the conversation where they become an item.
7. Sherlock didn't have a Daddy Kink until John grew a beard.
8. Jimcroft - omegaverse, forced pregnancy, non-con. Young!Mycroft doesn’t want children; Jim holds him captive for impregnation.
9. Mike Stamford is Cupid.
10. Moriarty didn't trick Molly - she knew exactly what was going on when she started dating "Jim from IT."
11. The times John has needed to bed, bargain or threaten for a case and one time he didn't.
12. Mycroft’s twin Merlin (Kingsman) is "The Other One."
13. Someone at the Yard (probably Anderson) draws a comic about Sherlock snd John called "The Adventures of Hat-Man and Robin" and leaves it pinned to the bulletin board in the break room.
14. To celebrate the teaser for the Victorian Special give to me all the victorian Johnlock kinky smut.
15. Sherlock is an unruly student, teacher/schoolmaster!John needs to give him a lesson in discipline in the classic victorian boarding school way: Spanking.
16. Noncon/Dubcon Omegaverse Schoolboy spanking kink. Schoolboy!Sherlock/Headmaster or Teacher!John.
17. Sherlock & Sense8 xover. Sherlock characters are connected as in Sense8.
18. John is The British Government.
19. Micropenis, humiliation kink. Sherlock has a micropenis.
20. Sherlock struggles with depression.
21. John and Sherlock are both cyclists in the Tour de France.
22. Molly is Jim's sister, but it's not a healthy relationship - abuse, possible underage, PTSD. John and Sherlock help her.
23. Sherlock becomes John's prison wife.
24. John/Sherlock. Omegaverse. Slavery. Omega!Sherlock/Alpha!John. Abuse, Past non-con. Sherlock is foisted off on John.
25. Mycroft shows up at his "official" office once a month to take care of his "official" paperwork and every time he does, one of the other employees disappears.

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